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   Chapter 1057 Don't Be Late

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"Is it still… because of your family?" Sheryl asked. "Yes, it is," Sue sighed.

"Even though they've been caught now, I can't feel at ease. I was thinking maybe I should pay them a visit." "You'd better not," Sheryl disagreed.

She reasoned with her, "You clearly know what kind of people Peggy and Allen are. If you visit them now, they won't feel grateful for your kindness. Instead, they will hate and curse you. It will be better for you to stay home and take care of your unborn baby. Just leave them alone. Don't you think so?"

"Sher..." Sue smiled bitterly. "You don't need to comfort me. I know. What you said makes sense.

But I really can't just disregard them. I don't know what I should do."

Sue hated herself for complaining to Sheryl again, but she couldn't help it. "Sher, I can't count how many times you've consoled me. I hope that you don't find me so troublesome."

"Of course not," Sheryl denied with a smile. "You are my friend and I hope that you can live a happy life together with Anthony, and eventually have a cute baby."

Sheryl's words made her smile. "I know what you mean, really. But… I just can't do it."

She hated that she didn't have a strong mind. "Sher, you know what my family is like and I've accustomed to my mother and brother. Whatever happens, they are my family. No matter how they treat me, as long as they are there, I know that I have a home. If I lose them, a part of me will be lost too, as it will leave me an emptiness in my heart. I overheard Anthony talking about Allen's case over the phone several days ago.

He mentioned that Allen might be sentenced severely. It's probably death penalty or life imprisonment. As for my mother…

she might be put in prison for at least five years. Every time I think I turned them in myself, I feel guilty." "Sue, Anthony is right about you. You

er?" "You are very anxious to have them!" Donna commented.

"I used to think that you loved my son very deeply. It turns out you've deceived all of us. If I had known that you would betray him in exchange for such a small amount, I would have come to you long ago."

"I will never love a man who betrays me. He deserves it!" Holley stated.

But Donna's comments still had an impact on her. She became impatient and urged, "Stop this bullshit! Let's cut to the chase."

She was so anxious to know what she could get from George's family.

Donna smiled and handed her an invitation card. The card only had a time and location printed on it, nothing more.

"Come to this place at noon tomorrow. I'll give you everything you want," she said. "What game are you playing now?" Holley asked suspiciously.

Somehow, the red color of the invitation card made her fretful.

"You'll know it tomorrow," Donna sneered. "All the shareholders of BM Corporation will also be there. I'll introduce you to them.

Tomorrow is an important occasion. You shouldn't miss it. Please don't be late!"

After Donna mentioned the shareholders, Holley's suspicion cleared up.

Looking at Donna, she nodded, "Great. I'll be there on time."

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