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   Chapter 1056 Not Good

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"Just who the hell are you?" the woman on the other end asked Holley cautiously. "How on earth are you aware of the matter between Autumn and me?"

"Well, because..." Holley cleared her throat and continued with a sneer, "I have the same purpose as you. You should come here. Perhaps we can support one another and work together to deal with Autumn."

Hearing what Holley had said, the woman kept silent for a while. Holley smirked and added to her request, "Please, don't worry. Both of us have suffered tremendously because of Autumn. I think it's best we become allies. I promise not to harm you in any way. On the contrary, we could even become good friends."

"Really? Do you mean what you just said?" the woman asked with uncertainty and indignation.

Following the woman's question, a cunning smile appeared on Holley's face. She was certain that the woman had been convinced by her idea.

"Well, of course. I'm sure it will work." Holley sneered. "We must take it easy now. Autumn will definitely be defeated if we work together."

The woman hesitated for a while and stammered, "Is she still... Is she still with Charles?"

"Yes." Holley responded with a cold smile. "That bitch seems to have endless luck. She had lost her memory and gone missing three years ago. To be honest, I thought she would never come back. However, I was totally wrong. In fact, she didn't even come back alone...She has two kids with Charles. Now Charles treats and cares for her with all his heart. Just the mere thought of it, really makes me sick. Even I feel envious of her."

Holley smirked and continued, "If she hadn't come between you and Carlos, you would've been Mrs. Lu... Not her."

Fueling with rage, the woman grasped her fist out of pure anger as she heard Holley's words.

In her mind, she acknowledged just how much she hated Autumn. If it wasn't for her, Charles would've asked for her hand and she would now be called Mrs. Lu. Thinking about what a difficult time she had over the years and how Autumn had enjoyed the life she was supposed to have, infuriated her even more. She felt like it was extremely unfair.

If Holley hadn't called her, she wouldn't have remembered the painful memories of the past few years, nor feel as angry as she did in the current moment.

Holley started something with her words a

ng frown on her face.

"Yes," Anthony sighed. "You know Sue values her family very much and she is pregnant now...So, she is very emotional. She hasn't even been listening to what I've been saying at all."

A bitter smile crossed Anthony's face as he continued, "Sher, you are her best friend. Please persuade her. I would really appreciate your help to make her feel better."

"Okay, I'll be at your house soon," Sheryl replied with a worried tone. She cared about Sue and missed her dearly. She didn't want her to be unhappy.

Normally, Sue would've been given more time to get rid of the show of that matter by herself, but she was pregnant now, so Sheryl decided to help her move on as soon as possible.

Even though she was exhausted from working all day, she drove over to the Xiao family's house and met up with Sue and Laura, who had just come back from the vegetable market.

Since the moment Allen and Peggy had been caught by the police, there was nothing stopping Sue from going out with Laura.

Staying indoors all day, Sue must be thinking far too much about what happened before.

"What brought you here, Sher?" Sue was amazed to see Sheryl, who found Sue's belly to be much bigger than the last time she saw her.

"Well, of course, I came to visit you."

Sheryl smiled and walked with Sue upstairs after greeting Laura.

"How have you been, Sue? Do you feel better?" she asked.

Sue smiled and responded to Sheryl, "Just the same as before. It is not good, but not bad either. So, in that case, I guess I'm fine."

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