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   Chapter 1054 A Matchmaker

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"How is that surprising to you?" Sheryl laughed. "When my car got rear-ended the other day, it made me think..."

Sheryl paused for a moment, like she was thinking over something in her head. Looking at Charles, she continued, "Remember when you fired that new manager for me? I was even mad at you for it because I thought you had crossed a line. But you explained your reasoning to me later and you were right. We shouldn't just look at a potential business partner's ability; we need to take into consideration their moral character."

Sheryl paused again. She saw right through Charles. "Oliver is not a good person. His personal life is a mess and he has no moral compass. You ended your partnership with him because you didn't think he would be able to effectively lead his company to success, not because of me. What had happened this evening was just an excuse, I think you got this idea a long time ago."

Charles laughed, his eyes twinkling. "You've been with me for so long that you've learned many things," he said as he smiled proudly. Sheryl, who had been very observant of Charles, had slowly figured out how to think like him.

Pleased with herself, Sheryl smiled mischievously at Charles. "Yes, you're right. I've learned a lot from being in such close quarters with you, Mr. Lu. You are the mentor of my life," she teased.

Laughing happily in response, Charles winked and said, "I may have had my own selfish reasons in that, so I respect your selfish reasons to do other things."

Blushing, Sheryl couldn't contain a smile from stretching across her face. They were both silent as they gazed into each other's eyes. Charles finally spoke. "Although I can't understand why you want me to do this, I know that you have your reasons, so I'll just do as you say."

Touched by his words, Sheryl reached out and held his hand.

She loved the feeling of his large hand interwoven with her small one. As she looked at Charles, she decided that it was time to tell him about Yvonne. Taking a deep breath, Sheryl spoke. "Charles, have I ever told you that Holley is Yvonne?"

"No, you haven't," Charles responded after a couple seconds of silence. "But I've always been somewhat skeptical about who she is."

Charles seemed unfazed by this revelation. It was as if, in the depths of his heart, he already knew.

Smiling weakly, Sheryl confessed, "Even I didn't know until recently.

And although she isn't nice to me, she is still my sister. I can't let her endanger herself and ruin her life. If I allow her do these things, I will regret it for my whole life."

n, Sula looked nothing like Holley.

Holley was beautiful, but she was cold. Men were often scared away by her and it was as though she wore a sign that said "please keep your distance".

Sula, on the other hand, was completely different. While she was beautiful like Holley, she came across as very sweet and approachable. Sheryl got the impression that she was nice to get along with.

It was surprising to Sheryl that George would be with a quiet and gentle girl like Sula.

But as she thought about it some more it began to make sense. 'Being with Holley is tiring,' Sheryl thought. 'George is probably much more comfortable and at ease being with Sula.'

"Yes, this is my wife, Sula Piao," George replied. Holding Sula's hands, he turned to Sheryl and said, "Sula, this is Sheryl Xia."

"Yes, I've heard a lot about her," Sula responded, laughing lightheartedly. Reaching out her hand to shake Sheryl's, she said, "It's really nice to finally meet you."

Shaking Sula's hand, Sheryl was surprised. "You've heard about me?" She had been unaware that she was such a well known person.

"Yes, I have." Sula smiled softly, turning to look at George lovingly. "I've heard from George's mother that it's because of you I can be with George." Returning the smile, George kissed Sula on the top of her head.

"Is that so?" Sheryl laughed as she watched the couple. "I'm your matchmaker, aren't I?"

Sula giggled as she nodded. Their lighthearted conversation seemed to put Sheryl's guests at ease. Moments later, the receptionist entered the office and handed the couple their tea and orange juice. Settling into her chair, Sheryl smiled and said, "Please sit down. We might end up talking for quite some time."

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