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   Chapter 1052 Are You Coming Or Not

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"Let's go," Charles said to Sheryl, as he sighed helplessly.

Sheryl was finally relieved when she heard that.

Oliver had indeed made her angry just now, but... Holley was the one who had instigated the discord between them. So Oliver should not be held accountable for the misunderstanding.

For this reason, Sheryl tried to persuade Charles to let Oliver go.

As she took Charles' hand and prepared to walk away, Charles stopped. He turned to Oliver, who stood there trembling. "Oliver, since my wife spoke up on your behalf, I will spare your life for her sake. You must keep in mind, that from now on, the Shining Company will not have any further dealings with your company. Please find somewhere else to do business," Charles warned.

"What do you mean? Are your serious?" When Oliver heard this, his knees buckled as he fell to the floor, pleading. He begged with everything he had. "Charles, please don't do this to me. We've been in business together for so many years. You have to see all of the hard work we've done. You... You cannot do this. PLEASE."

Oliver was so frightened that he stopped Charles in his tracks. "Charles, please reconsider your decision. It is imperative that we continue the collaboration with the Shining Company. If we do not, there will be no way that my company will stay afloat. How will we make a living?"

Charles did not respond. He shook off Oliver's grasp, and sneered at him with disdain.

Oliver realized that there was no sense in continuing his plea. He turned to look at Sheryl, hoping he could appeal to her softer nature. He hoped that he could convince her to speak with her husband once again and get him to change his mind.

Looking at Sheryl, he begged, "Sheryl, no, Mrs. Lu, it's all my fault. I failed to recognize you before. Please, you are aware that it was someone else who caused all the trouble. I... I had no Idea who you were. I never would have even attempted such a thing, had I known that you were Charles' wife..."

Oliver glared viciously at Holley as he finished. He would definitely teach her a lesson when he was taken care of the matter at hand.

Right now, however, the priority was to fix the current situation as soon as possible.

He smi

g I have to do," Sheryl said swiftly as she went over to Holley.

"Did you want to come with me?" Sheryl asked Holley as she stood in front of her.

She could not bear the thought that Holley would be raped by Oliver.

By the time Sheryl and Charles were ready to leave, Holley's heart hit rock bottom. She thought she was going to be raped. So she had done everything she could to mentally prepare herself for what was coming.

Being raped was nothing new to her. She had experienced it three years ago.

However, it never occurred to her that Sheryl would actually turn to her and ask if she wanted to leave with her.

Holley wasn't sure how she should react when she saw Sheryl's calm demeanor.

"What? Do you not want to? Would you rather stay here?" Sheryl asked after Holley did not respond for a long time.

Holley glanced at Sheryl and said with a cold smile, "Don't think that I would appreciate for that. I won't forget what you have done. And I will pay you back for it, as I said before."

"Don't worry." Sheryl nodded slightly and said to Holley, "I don't care whether you thank me or not. It's just that I can't stand the thought..."

She took a deep breath and questioned one last time, "So are you coming or not?"

"Yes..." Holley replied. Only a fool would want to stay there!

Although Holley wanted to reject Sheryl and maintain her dignity, a wise person didn't fight when the odds were against them. She reluctantly ended up leaving with Sheryl.

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