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   Chapter 1049 Give Her A Better Life

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Oliver was deeply annoyed by Sheryl when she refused him. He was a very arrogant and dominating man and didn't expect such disrespect coming from a woman. He looked at Sheryl enraged and then grabbed her abruptly. "I'm telling you, nobody has ever dared to displease me like you have. You must accept my offer, whether you're willing or not!"

He continued sneering at her, "I'm warning you! If I want your husband to die, it will be even easier than stamping on an ant. You'd better make the right choice. Otherwise, I'll order my men to kill him tomorrow. Actually, that might not be a bad idea... When you are homeless and lonely, who else can you rely on except for me?"

As Oliver continued to grip Sheryl's wrists, she felt pain, and it made her frown. Even though she was very angry at that moment, she tried not to provoke him even further. She sneered back at him, "You?"

"Excuse me...You don't believe I can do it!" A ruthless smile appeared across Oliver's face. "I'm among the most prominent and elite men in Y City. Even the Mayor needs to show me respect when he comes across me. If I want to kill anyone in secret, it's as easy as snapping my fingers!"

He pulled Sheryl closer to him and stared at her with a sense of wickedness in his eyes. "I advise you to consider my proposal carefully for the sake of your husband's life."

"Come on, Oliver! Please!" A man who was standing close to the two of them stopped Oliver. He disagreed with what Oliver was doing. "If the girl is not willing to do it, why waste your time forcing her?"

"No!" Oliver immediately refused his suggestion. This issue was far beyond romance. It was about his pride, which he had sworn to protect. It was his duty to make Sheryl obedient towards him today! He stared at Sheryl. Infuriated with anger, he said, "I must have her today!"

Holley gloated over what was taking place in front of her eyes. She knew what was about to happen to Sheryl.

She eagerly looked forward at Oliver, who was using force to get what he wanted from Sheryl. He even insulted her on site. In that case, she wouldn't dare to face her dear husband ever again. Sheryl must suffer through the pain!

"Sheryl, I advise that you had better listen to Oliver. He is a prominent elite and owns some of the biggest properties in town. He is in the summer of his life now. He will make you happy materialistically and physically, as you please. Being his mistress will benefit you greatly. I

cision. I can't see her continue living this poor life any longer."

Looking at Sheryl, Holley sighed, "When you came in, you must have noticed that there were workers setting up this venue, right?"

"Yes, I noticed." Oliver nodded, confusedly. "Wait, is this relevant to what we are talking about?"

"Of course, it is relevant." Holley took a glance at Oliver. "You see, Sheryl is such a slim and delicate girl, but she has to work hard to make a living. In fact, the poor girl even has to do manual labor to get by. She was among the workers that were setting up the venue. She works extremely hard, but only because she is forced to. Her husband is a worthless man."

"Really? Is that true?" Oliver asked doubtfully. He was displeased and shocked by her response. Her remarks made him frown.

Holley sighed and continued, "Oliver, I'll tell you everything about Sheryl. When she got married to her husband, I opposed it. Surely he didn't deserve her! She was much better than him in every aspect. Their marriage was bound to fail as they weren't a good match, to begin with. We had disputes about the matter for a long time, solely because of her marriage. I have tried everything I could to separate them. However, my efforts were all in vain."

Holley sighed pitifully, "Recently, she kept visiting me and complained that she regretted her decision to marry him. However, that man doesn't want to let her go. So, I thought to myself, what else can she do?"

She concluded, "Oliver, I really thank you for fancying her. If you can treat her well and give her a better life, as her friend, why would I even think of stopping you?"

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