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   Chapter 1047 I'll Take Her Home

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As Sheryl just finished her words, Mr. Shen suddenly turned to Holley and said, "Holley, we should go now. You wanted to make acquaintance with my friends, right? They are waiting for us in the private room."

Mr. Shen paused for a while and added, "It's impolite to keep them waiting."

Holley arched a brow and considered what to do next. She chose to be with Mr. Shen not only because he was a very influential person who enjoyed a high position in Y City, but also he had a very strong network with many other such people from all the fields.

Holley was going to take over the business of BM Corporation in Y City, so she needed to develop a very good rapport with all the key people from the different fields that would help her run her business smoothly.

Holley cast a glance at Sheryl briefly and hesitated for a while. Then she quickly made up her mind to go with Mr. Shen. Holley had enough time to deal with Sheryl, but she would not get the opportunity to meet so many influential people under the same roof. Hence, she made up her mind to leave Sheryl for another day and meet Mr. Shen's friends for now.

So she cast a glimpse at Sheryl and said, "I'll let go of you today. But I will teach you a lesson one day. Just wait and see."

"Okay, I am waiting for that day," Sheryl said in a contemptuous tone.

Holley snorted and walked up to Mr. Shen. She clung to his arm and said in a soft tone, "Let's go Mr. Shen." As they walked away, Holley turned towards Sheryl once more and narrowed her eyes at Sheryl. Then she turned her face away and walked off.

Sheryl stood there marking her gestures and maintaining a nonchalant attitude towards her. Seeing Holley's and Mr. Shen's retreating figures, Sheryl couldn't help but let out a bitter smile. She shook her head and turned all her attention to the work.

All of a sudden, Sheryl's phone started vibration. She glanced at the screen to find George's name flashing on it. She was supposed to give George a call. But getting unnecessarily involved in a conversation with Holley made her forget about it completely.

He just finished dinner with Sula and her parents. After the dinner, Sula wanted to visit Sheryl, so he gave her a call.

"Are you in the hotel, Sheryl?" George asked Sheryl in a polite manner.

"Yes," Sheryl answered. She cleared her throat and added, "In fact, I wanted to call you to ask whether your wife has any special preference rega

te room where Holley was. At first, she hesitated for a while but then knocked on the door eventually. After a while, a dreary and drowsy voice replied, "Who is there?"

Sheryl stood there trying to hear the sound inside the room. Soon she heard the door being unlocked from the other side. As the door opened, a fat man emerged blocking Sheryl's vision so that she could not see what was happening inside.

She frowned slightly and stepped aside trying to peek into the room. But the man also stepped with her and blocked her sight.

Sheryl raised her head and looked at the man's face. Indeed, she had never seen such a malicious looking face ever in her life.

Sheryl could feel bile rising up her throat. "Hello? What's up?" the man asked in a cold tone.

"Excuse me... Is Holley Ye here?" Sheryl cautiously looked at the man. She could almost hear her own heartbeat as she braved in front of that man. However, she managed to conceal her nervousness and pretended to be calm. "It's late now, I'll take her home," she said.

"Who are you?" the man asked and pushed Sheryl rudely.

"You need not know who I am." Sheryl arched a brow and shouted at the man, "Just get out of my way."

"Who do you think you are?" The man grasped her collar and said with a smirk, "You came for Holley, right? Why not join us to play together?"

Then the man dragged her in the room and Sheryl finally had a chance to see the condition inside the room.

Apart from Holley and Mr. Shen, there were three men in the room. Both Holley and Mr. Shen were drunk. Mr. Shen had fallen asleep on the sofa while Holley was still awake.

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