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   Chapter 1043 Why Did You Hit Allen

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Peggy's hands and legs were both tied up, but that didn't stop her from being aggressive in hurling hateful words against Sue. She continued to scold her. And because she was an elder, no one came forward to try to shut her up.

Her beloved son, Allen, kept begging Sue and Anthony to let him go, but his pleading was left ignored. Sensing that they had no intention of releasing him, he lost his patience and started cursing his sister.

The ruckus created by the mother and son duo did not sit well with Anthony's current state as it aggravated more his throbbing headache.

And he couldn't endure it anymore. As soon as Peggy was done speaking some harsh words towards Sue, he snapped, strode forward and punched Allen hard in the face.

"What are you doing?" Peggy screeched as she witnessed her son's head jerked to the side. Fear gripped her heart when she saw Allen spitting out a mouthful of blood. Looking daggers at Anthony, she wailed indignantly, "What's wrong with you? Why did you hit Allen?"

She helplessly glued her eyes on Allen. "He is defenseless, but you struck him. You are a demon," she reproached. As Allen's face twisted in pain and beads of sweat formed on his forehead, Peggy went into a panic.

Taking a cold look at the anxious mother, Anthony cautioned, "Auntie, it doesn't matter if you don't like Sue. But let me remind you that she is going to be my wife and that she is carrying my child. If I hear you curse her again, I will see to it that Allen will bear the consequences. Don't you love your son best? If you don't want to see him suffer, then you should better show some respect to Sue."

"You..." Peggy gnashed her teeth as her face fumed in anger. She had no choice but to shut up.

Not long after, Anthony and Andy herded the mother and son out, and Sue trailed carefully behind them. However, Sheryl at that time was waiting together with Charles beside their car. She was restless and nervous but relief washed over her upon seeing the pr

"But you only had a little porridge," Sheryl snapped with wrinkled eyebrows. "Have you forgotten that the doctor said that your child lacks nutrition? You should eat more."

"I know, but..." And there Sue stopped, a wry smile appearing on her face. She grabbed Sheryl's hand and continued, "I have no appetite, Sher.

I know I should stop thinking about those things for my baby's sake. But they are my family—my mother and brother. I can't stop worrying about them." She tried persuading herself to get them out of her mind countless times, but she couldn't do it.

"I understand you," Sheryl coaxed her as a wry smile escaped her lips. "I know how you are feeling right now. I put my birth mother into prison.

I know it's useless to comfort you. And you can't force yourself to stop thinking about this horrible thing. If no one cared to abide by the rule, our world would be in chaos. Do you understand? They must face the consequence.

Your unborn baby is a blessing. You should pay more attention to it," Sheryl concluded.

'Sue understands all those things I said. She only finds it hard to accept. I've been there, and it feels like hell,' she contemplated.

Sheryl didn't leave Sue until dawn. She stayed until Anthony arrived and then she instinctively left knowing that the two had too much to discuss.

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