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   Chapter 1042 Peggy Takes The Blame On Herself

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Anthony had once learned free combat and Andy was very good at fighting. Together they brought Allen down, though he still held a knife in his hand.

Anthony swiftly held Allen's wrist to stop him from attacking them with the knife. For a moment, Allen found himself in a tight grip that made it difficult for him to even move. Allen let out a scream because of the pain inflicted by the stronghold. He released his hand by shaking off Anthony's hands with all his strength. His next impulse was to stab Anthony in his stomach.

Sue sprang up as she watched her brother trying to stab Anthony. She could almost feel her heart in her mouth. Luckily, Anthony moved aside and the knife brushed on the side of his waist slightly giving him a small injury.

Andy pulled Allen back and pinned him down so that he could not move at all. Allen lay under the strong stranglehold of Andy throwing his limbs, struggling to free himself.

Sue heaved a sigh of relief. She ran to Anthony and asked with great concern, "Are you alright?"

"I'm alright. Don't worry." Anthony shook his head slightly and asked Sue, "Are you alright?"

"I'm fine." Sue checked Anthony's wound immediately. Luckily, the knife had just touched the skin giving it a slight bruise.

"Sue, you bitch! Release Allen!" Peggy shouted at Sue, fuming in anger, absolutely unmoved and nonchalant towards Sue's condition.

Andy tied Allen up quickly to make sure that he could not pose any more threat to Anthony or Sue. Allen cast a sinister glance at Sue and kept threatening her, "Sue Wang! Ask them to release me. Otherwise, I won't let go of you!"

Andy gave Allen a kick and said, "Shut up! Keep quiet unless you want to get killed for threatening Sue in such a condition."

Allen finally realized his terrible situation. Indeed he was in no position to threaten Sue at the moment. In view of the situation, Allen changed his approach. He softened his voice and pleaded, "Sue... My sister, help me, please. Show some mercy." Allen begged to be freed in a desperate voice.

Sue glanced at Allen and remained silent.

Allen's eyes were fixed on Sue as he pleaded again, "Sister, I admit I was really wrong this time. Please forgive me. I will never do it again."

"Allen, don't beg her!" Peggy sneered. "She won't help us."

Allen pretended to turn a deaf ear to Peggy's words and kept on begging, "Sister, I'm totally wrong, I know it. Please give one last chance. I will be better if yo

e him away. I don't want to see him anymore."

Sue had never expected Peggy to take all the guilt for Allen. Suddenly a fear of something bad happening to Peggy gripped her mind. What if Peggy really surrendered to the police to save Allen? She could go to any extent to see her only son free.

"Let's go." Anthony dragged Allen to leave.

"Sue, you are a bitch! Let me go!" Allen began cursing as he realized Sue won't release him. "She had accepted her guilt. Why are you still keeping me tied up? I will sue you for grounding me if you don't release me!" he shouted.

Sue paid no heed towards Allen as she walked up to Peggy and asked Peggy, "Mom, did you see it? The one you have cherished and protected all your life has never cared about your feelings. He just wants you to be his scapegoat. So do you still think it worthwhile to protect him?"

"You will not understand this Sue. I am doing this willingly. But you don't have to worry. Neither for him nor for me." Peggy gave a cold smile and added, "Allen is my son. I will protect him at any cost. It's none of your business even though I have to die to save his life." Peggy kept harping on the impending threat on her life if Sue did not agree to do anything to save Allen.

Sue let out a bitter smile and remarked, "Take it easy, Mom. I won't let you die." She looked into Peggy's eyes and added, "The police will find out what Allen has done."

"Sue, you are such a bitch!" Peggy seethed in anger. She muttered under her breath and screamed desperately, "What do you want? I have told you I did everything. Why don't you just leave him alone? Just let my son be free."

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