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   Chapter 1041 Bringing Allen Under Control

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Sue only saw Anthony and Andy. Although Charles also came along, he was accompanying Sheryl nearby. Sue glanced at Anthony and asked, "What about you?"

"You just go. Don't worry about us," Anthony replied as he narrowed his eyes. He had made great efforts to have the opportunity to catch Allen. He must stay here and teach Allen a hard lesson.

Peggy's mouth was still covered by Anthony's hand, so she couldn't make any noise. Though, she still tried to struggle against his grip in an attempt to alert Allen.

Anthony leaned in close to Peggy's ear and said, in a threatening toner, "Behave yourself, otherwise I will be forced to teach you a lesson now."

Peggy couldn't respond, but her eyes were full of deep seeded hatred.

As Anthony held Peggy's hands behind her back using the strength of his free hand, he was unable to see the death stare on Peggy's face. But Sue was able to see it clearly.

She curled her lips into a wry smile and lowered her voice, "Please don't blame me. When Allen chose to kill Doris, you should have known that the end wouldn't be good for him. Even if I let you go today, the police wouldn't allow you to escape. Especially you were willing to assist him in escaping.

Hearing what Sue had said, Peggy glared at her with her eyes ablaze with the fires of hatred, loathing, and revulsion.

"Here, just tie her up with the rope. Then we can handle Allen," Andy suggested with a calm voice.

"Okay," Anthony said, agreeing that tying her up would be the best solution before tackling Allen. Then he brought a rope and tied Peggy's hands behind her back. For a brief moment, he removed his hand from her mouth. As soon as he did, she seized that moment to yell out to alert Allen. As loud as she could, she screamed, "Allen, run, run…"

Hearing Peggy's voice, Allen immediately awoke from his slumber. He looked around and saw that Sue wasn't here. He hastily rushed out and saw that Andy and Anthony had already tied up Peggy.

Seeing that Sue was still lingering around and hadn't left as he had instructed, Anthony set a tied up Peggy aside and immediately positioned Sue behind himself. He began to reprimand her, "I told you to get out of here and find Sheryl!. What are you still doing here?"

"I…" Sue flashed him a defiant, stubborn smile. Then she added, "I'm not leaving here without you. When you leave, then I'll leave."

Anthony, realizing that there was nothing he could do to change her resolve, took a deep breath, and replied helplessly, "Fine, but you must stand far away here. Be careful and don't allow Allen to get close to you."

"Okay," Sue nodded her head slightly. Then she walked far away and stood behind where Peggy was tied up. Seeing wh

n she carried within her that, no doubt, would have been just like her."

"You…" Sue's face turned a pale white as her rage reached it highest point yet. She then replied with a jeering smile, "Fine. If you still insist that Allen did nothing wrong, I have nothing more to say to you aside from the fact that both of you are going to get exactly what you deserve for being so heartless!"

After she finished, Sue walked away and refused to speak to Peggy anymore. She knew that no matter what she said to her, it would fall on deaf ears and she would be wasting her breath.

"Sue, you are such an ungrateful bitch! If I had known that this is the type of person you would become, I would have killed you the moment you were born. I loathe your very existence! I hope that your child will be a born disabled. You…" Seeing Sue's unwillingness to help them escape, Peggy cursed at her.

Normally, Sue would just let her mother spout off at the mouth. After all, that was her mother.

However, the moment she heard her speak about wishing harm on the child she was carrying, she could not let that slide. The protective motherhood took her over and she walked up to Peggy straight away and slapped the taste out of her heartless mouth.

"Mom, the child in my belly is your grandson. You can curse me and say whatever you want to about me. However, how DARE you wish evil on him!" Sue said with blind fury in her eyes.

"Grandson? How can I have a grandson when I don't even have a daughter?" Peggy replied with a contemptuous smile.

"Fine, if that is how you want it, it is okay with me. From this point forward, you are no longer my mother and I have nothing to do with you or your good for nothing son! I hope both of you rot in prison for the remainder of your miserable lives," Sue said with disdain.

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