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   Chapter 1040 Sue Is Found

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After Fanny finished explaining what she knew, Anthony and Andy looked at each other. It seemed that the person Fanny described was Allen for sure.

"Hey, why are you looking for this guy anyway?" Fanny asked them curiously.

"Don't ask. It's none of your business," Anthony replied blatantly. He stared at Fanny and continued asking her, "Tell me, did he tell you anything about where he may have been staiyng? Do you know where can we find him?"

"Well..." Fanny started to utter something, but then she stopped abruptly. It seemed like she wanted to continue, but something was preventing her. She watched Anthony intently. Anthony understood what her hesitation meant immediately. He sneered and took out another stack of cash from his wallet. But he didn't give it to Fanny directly. He waved the money to her face and said, "If you can provide me his address, the money is yours.

But if you even think about lying to me, I will make sure that you live in despair and misery every single day for the rest of your life."

"You can rest assured. I wouldn't dare to displease a man like you." Fanny's eyes twinkled with delight as she saw the money. She knew very clearly that even if she entertained six customers, she couldn't make the amount of money that Anthony offered. Moreover, it was just a few simple words that she had to say to earn it.

It really was her lucky day.

"When the man requested me, we had small talk. He asked me if I was willing to leave this place with him, and... that he would go abroad in a few days. I was tempted so I tried asking where he was living now." Fanny smiled bitterly as she continued, "You know that a woman in my line of work would like, more than anything else, to find a reliable man who could give us a better life. None of us is willing to do this forever."

She sighed, as if she pitied her own fate. "He didn't reply o me very clearly, but he mentioned some kind of junkyard. The junkyard closest to the club was in the suburb. I noticed that he didn't want to talk about it, so I didn't ask anymore."

"A junkyard? Are you sure that's what he said?" Anthony repeated.

"Yes!" Fanny nodded firmly. She told Anthony what she knew about that place. "You know what, the junkyard

ly to wake her up. Peggy was alert enough and she opened her eyes immediately. She yelled at Sue impatiently, "What are you doing? Can't you keep silent for a moment and close your eyes? It's very late and I'm tired."

"I... I need to go to the bathroom," Sue explained anxiously. This was the only reason that she could come up with right now. After all, she was a pregnant woman, and it was normal for her to have to pee frequently.

"Troublesome girl! Always a pain in my butt!" Peggy complained. Even though she wasn't happy to do it, she still untied Sue. She urged, "Be quick!"

"Got it," Sue nodded obediently and relaxed her wrists and ankles. When she was about to walk out, she realized that Peggy was still following her.

She knitted her eyebrows and tried to persuade Peggy, "Why don't you just go back to sleep? I won't be long. I just have to pee. I can't escape anyway."

"Shut up!" Peggy mumbled impatiently and commanded, "Don't try to play tricks!"

Sue had no choice but to live with it.

Sue walked very slowly. She was mindful of Anthony all the way. When she approached the front door, Anthony made an eye contact with her and gave her a signal and she stepped aside immediately. Peggy realized that something was wrong, when suddenly a big hand covered her mouth from behind her. She was grabbed by a powerful man, and she was unable to move nor make a sound.

Anthony whispered in a low voice, "Sue, just go now! Hurry up. Sher is waiting for you out there."

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