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   Chapter 1038 He Ran Away

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Peggy cast a dubious look at her son. "What for? Are you going out?" she asked doubtfully.

"Yes," Allen answered impatiently. "I can't bear to eat that rubbish anymore. It makes me feel sick. I must eat something fresh. Give me the money, mom."

However, Peggy was having none of it and refused to let him go out. "No way! I'm not letting you out. They're looking for us everywhere. If you go out now, you'll be caught. Can't you just try to bear with it for a few more days?"

"I can't bear it anymore," Allen said as he approached her. "Trust me. I'll be careful and come back as soon as possible after dinner."

"No. I won't allow you to leave yourself in danger," Peggy firmly denied him. Even if she had somehow managed to talk him out of his bratty way of speaking, he still wouldn't change his mind.

It seemed that he still hadn't realized the gravity of their situation.

"Give me the money quickly!" he insisted again impatiently, almost rudely. When he saw that Peggy didn't move at all, he lunged forward and quickly snatched the money away from her pocket. As he turned around to leave, her hand reached out to grip his arm.

"Listen, Allen, we can't go out today. Maybe another day…" Peggy tried to convince him one last time.

"Another day, another day! How many another days have you said? I nearly had nothing every day except the damned porridge. I want to eat something healthy now. Look at my face; can't you see how terrible it looks? Let me tell you something—I will go and you can't stop me. That's all!" Allen yelled at his mother.

He couldn't take it anymore, so he gave in to his anger. After his last words, he roughly pushed Peggy away, and she fell on the floor. Before she could get up, he took the chance to run away.

Peggy could only sigh and smile bitterly. She slowly stood up, and ate the porridge. After a few moments of silence, she turned to Sue and sa

n stopped her.

"No need. I've already eaten outside. I have something for you," he said as he handed her two boxes. A sly smile crept at the corners of his mouth. "We'll have vegetables and meat for the next few days."

"I know I have a good son." Peggy's eyes shone in delight as she praised him. She felt like she was flattered, and a hearty laugh escaped her lips.

"But still, you can't risk it anymore. We can't be seen by the police at this dangerous time," she warned him again.

"I know, I know," Allen impatiently replied with a wave of his hand.

"Stop nagging at me now and just eat your food. I'm going to check the outside."

Peggy simply smiled and nodded at him, then untied Sue. She handed one of the food boxes to her.

"He does care about us. He's your younger brother and my son after all." Peggy continued to babble.

"Look, the food is still hot." She touched the side of her food box. Peggy continued to prattle on about what a good son Allen was, but soon enough her words simply drowned in Sue's ears.

When Sue opened the box, she was a little surprised to find that there was only one simple dish—fried cabbage with minced meat. However, Peggy ate it almost gratefully. It was clear that she was so easily pleased by her son.

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