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   Chapter 1037 Allen’s Annoyance

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After her rope was untied, Sue felt much more relaxed. Peggy was tasked to keep an eye on her the entire time. When Sue stood up to go to the bathroom, she grabbed her arm immediately and asked, "What are you doing?

I told you, if you dare to run away, you will regret it."

"I will not run away." Sue helplessly looked at Peggy and tried to convince her, "I just want to go to the bathroom and you can come with me if you don't trust me."

Peggy frowned, but did not argue with her. She quietly followed Sue.

It had already been a day but Sue had not eaten nor drunk anything. She could feel her stomach hurt and feared that her baby also sensed it. After using the bathroom, she approached Peggy. "Mom... do you have anything to eat? I am hungry."

"You're such a nuisance," Peggy said impatiently. "Didn't you say 'no' when I asked you to eat a moment ago? If you're hungry now, I can't help you with that."

Peggy glanced at Sue and said, "Don't act like you're a madam at home. No one will attend to your food requests here. I'm telling you, stop dreaming."

Sue remained silent after she heard Peggy's rant. Peggy sent her back to the garage and locked the door. She went out and then came back with a bottle of milk. "Lucky for you, there's still one bottle of milk left from our last trip to the city," she said. "Here, drink it."

Originally the bottle of milk was reserved for Allen, but seeing Sue's poor appearance, she did not know what was going on and suddenly felt a little sympathetic.

Sue thanked her in every way as she reached out to take the bottle. She then gulped its content hurriedly. The milk did not satisfy her hunger but she felt a little better than before.

Peggy just watched her and never said another word. She took her blanket, went to Sue's side and gave her half of it to keep warm. Then she turned her back and went to sleep.

Looking at Peggy's back, Sue felt sorry for both o

her cheeks.

"Wait for me," Anthony said faithfully. He could hear her sobs and he wished there was something more that he could do.

Seeing the affection between the couple, Allen immediately felt annoyed and outraged. He took the phone back and hung up.

"Alright, enough with this drama," he said with a disgruntled face. He grabbed his coat and put the phone in his pocket, then left without another word.

After speaking with Anthony, Sue couldn't help but feel miserable. She thought that she was not good enough for him. She also felt sorry that her family had brought him so much trouble.

She crouched silently in a corner.

When noon came, Peggy warmed up the leftover porridge from breakfast before she called Allen to eat. He looked at the water-like porridge and knocked the bowl over.

"Porridge again! Don't we have anything else to eat? It's becoming annoying to eat this daily," Allen said impatiently.

Peggy tried not to get angry on Allen's outburst. She tidied it up in silence and commented, "We're still lucky to have food right now. People should learn how to be contented. Everything will be fine after a few days."

"No, I can't stay here anymore." Allen glanced at her and demanded, "Where is the money that you got last time? Give it to me."

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