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   Chapter 1036 I Am Not Feeling Well

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Allen tried to free himself from Peggy's hold. "Leave me, Mom!" Glaring at Sue, Allen bellowed furiously, "I am going to teach this bitch a lesson that she will remember all through her life."

"Stop!" Peggy shouted at her son trying to hold him back from hurling another blow at Sue. Peggy was much more calculative and shrewd than Allen. She knew that at the moment, she needed to protect Sue. After all, Sue was the last straw to save their lives. 'As long as we have Sue, Anthony will do whatever we ask him to do. But if anything happens to Sue and her unborn baby, he will not spare us,' she thought to herself.

Peggy could not allow Allen to lay a hand on Sue no matter how much he was mad at her.

Eyeing her fuming son, she persuaded softly, "I know you are mad at her. But you already taught her a lesson by scolding and hitting her. Let her go today. It will do us no good if anything happens to her or her child."

"But..." Allen seethed. The more Peggy tried to dissuade him from hitting Sue, the more he tried to break free from her grip and bash Sue up to his heart's content. Right from his childhood, he had only learned to blame Sue for everything that did not happen as per his wish and vent out his anger by physically abusing her. Sue was the scapegoat of their family. She had to bear the brunt of everything. Peggy had always allowed him to have his way. But this time, she stopped him. He struggled to break free of Peggy's grip but his efforts were in vain.

"Come on, son. You already struck her hard. Just let her go for today," Peggy coaxed. "Anyway, control your temper. After we get the money and new identity cards, you can do whatever you like to her." This was the only way in which Peggy could stop him from hurting Sue.

"I take that as a deal, Mom," Allen said as he accepted her suggestion. He looked at Sue and broke into a cold and malicious laugh. Then he turned at Peggy and continued, "I hope you will not back out on your word."

"I won't and I told you once. You have my word on that," Peggy assured.

Allen cast a scornful glance at Sue once again and snorted, "You're lucky today."

Peggy helped Sue up and said to her, "I admit I favor Allen and I hope you will not complain about his. After all, he is my only son. If you had persuaded Anthony to help us, you wouldn't have suffered so much."

With a sniff, she continued, "I gave you time to discuss with Anthony and prepare for the money.

eggy fell into a dilemma hearing Allen's words. 'Sue is looking bad. But what Allen said makes sense,' she mused.

Taking note of the hesitant look on Peggy's face, Sue assured, "I promise you that I will not try to escape, Mom."

With a bitter smile, she continued, "I am pregnant. I can't go far. Even if I try to run away, Allen can get hold of me very easily. How am I supposed to outrun him in this condition?"

With a pleading look at Peggy, she moaned in a weak voice, "I am just...I am not feeling well."

"Don't be fooled by her, Mom. She is acting," Allen said with a disgruntled look. Sue woke him in the wee hour, which angered him.

"Be quiet," Peggy raised her voice as she scowled at her son. "I don't care whether it's a trick or not. We have kept her like this for hours. She must be feeling uncomfortable. We should let her have some rest."

She leaned forward and untied Sue. With a stern look, she warned, "You'd better not do anything stupid. If you have an accident, your baby will be the victim. Do you hear me?"

"I know," Sue nodded meekly. "I will not run away."

There was no trace of human habitation around for at least a dozen miles. It was impossible for anyone to escape from this place successfully on foot. And invariably a suicidal thought for a pregnant woman. Fully aware that she stood no chance to flee, she already gave up that thought.

All she could do was to stay here and wait for Anthony to come and rescue her from here.

She somehow had faith in him and believed that he would help her out.

But till he came, all she had to do was protect herself and her unborn baby.

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