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   Chapter 1034 Allen's Call

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"Looks like my sister didn't tell you what I want." Allen's vicious laughter echoed through the phone. "I am not a greedy person. All I ask for is five million in cash and two new identity cards. And you need to send us abroad safely. Once my request is met, I will give my sister back to you."

"That's not gonna happen," Anthony refused outright. "Allen, do you know how many people are pursuing you? You can't leave Y City, let alone go abroad. I advise you to turn yourself in. Otherwise, you will just get yourself into bigger trouble..."

"Anthony..." Allen interrupted him before he could finish his sentence. "I called you to tell you what I want. I don't need you to tell me that I am in trouble."

You know what? I am going to hang up and have a good talk with my sister. This way, you will have time to reconsider my offer. What do you think?"

"Please...don't hurt her," Anthony pleaded, his voice shaking ever so slightly. Hearing Allen's threat made him panic immediately. "Please listen to me," he complied. "I will try my best to fulfill your request."

Upon hearing that Anthony would help him, Allen broke into a smile of relief. He snorted, "If you had simply decided this earlier, my sister wouldn't have had to suffer like this."

Trying not to imagine what Sue had gone through, Anthony closed his eyes. "I can give you the money," he negotiated, "But I can't get you two fake identity cards. I also won't be able to find a way to send you abroad. How about I give you six million and you release Sue?"

"Stop bargaining with me," Allen responded petulantly. He had no time for this. "Don't you forget that I am the boss now. You are not in a position to haggle with me."

'If I had knew earlier that kidnapping Sue would make Anthony submit to me, I would have done it earlier, ' he thought.

Allen watched Sue struggle. She was sitting on a chair with her hands tied tightly behind her back. "My sister is carrying your child. I know you will find a way to help me," h


"He went out after receiving your call," Amy replied. Amy sighed, still upset over what was happening to Sue. As she collected herself, she added, "He said he would meet his friends and they would look for Sue together. Abby called him and he said that he would be back soon. How about you take a seat and wait for him?"

"That's a good idea," Sheryl agreed. Sheryl joined Amy on the couch, and the pair chatted with each other for a while until Andy arrived. When Sheryl saw him come through the door, she jumped from the couch and dashed towards him. "What's going on?" she asked forcefully, "Did you find any clues as to Sue's location? Is she okay?"

"Cool down," Andy replied slowly. Trying to calm down a very rattled Sheryl, he patted her shoulder gently. "Allen and Peggy are very good at staying under the radar, so it won't be easy to find them. But don't worry. I already asked my friends to search for them. I have faith that they will find out where they're hiding soon."

Seeing how frustrated Sheryl was, he continued, "I will let you know the moment I find out where they're hiding."

Disappointed with Andy's negative reply, Sheryl sighed. She knew that it would take time for Andy's friends to find Sue, so she just needed to be patient.

She flashed Andy a faint smile and replied, "Got it. Thank you."

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