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   Chapter 1033 What Do You Truly Want

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Never had George been such a busy bee. Now that he decided to get married, he naturally had many things to do. First, he arranged for a place for Sula's parents to stay in, and then he drove Sula and Donna back home so they could rest. The next thing on the list was to see Sheryl and ask her to help him decorate the wedding ceremony venue.

After all, Sheryl was a professional in event styling. He would be more confident about the venue's look if he asked for her help. He immediately drove to her place, and after a while, he finally stopped at his destination.

"Wedding venue decoration?" Sheryl said with furrowed brows after hearing George's request. "Mr. Han, have you forgotten about the deal we made before?" she couldn't help but ask.

"No, no, no. You must have misunderstood me," George immediately replied with a shake of his head. Sheryl looked even more confused, but he just gently smiled and began to explain. "This wedding has nothing to do with Holley at all. I will get married soon. The bride is not Holley, but Sula."

"Sula?" Sheryl asked and paused for a moment. Of course, she knew this woman. However…wasn't it Holley that George liked? If she remembered correctly, George never liked Sula before—but how come he was suddenly getting married to her now?

"Yes, it is Sula," George repeated to confirm Sheryl's question. His lips curved up into a soft smile at the thought of his upcoming marriage to Sula. "I know it is a little surprising, but I have made this decision after careful consideration. What's more...I will be a father soon, so I need to give Sula the status that she should have," he said.

He looked at Sheryl sincerely and continued, "I came here to see you…because I really couldn't find other competent people like you. I hope that our wedding ceremony could proceed successfully within a week. After having thought of it over and over, I realized that you're the only one qualified for this job." "I promise that the price is not a problem. I'd be really happy and grateful if you could help me out with the wedding preparations," he hastily added.

"Actually, one week is also too short for me," Sheryl said with knitted brows when she heard the preparation time George requested. "I know," George admitted with a slight nod of his head.

A small sigh escaped his lips as he thought about the situation. "I know it's really urgent, but I believe you can help me out with it. Please, just do me this favor," he asked in a pleading voice.

Sheryl hesitated for a bit, but when she saw the sincerity in George's eyes, she relented and nodded her head. "Okay. Since you genuinely asked for my help,

. Although Anthony had reassured her, his face still showed worry and concern.

Meanwhile, Sheryl quietly walked a bit further away from them and called Andy to ask for help. Andy immediately agreed without any hesitation.

After she finished her call, she went back to where Anthony and Laura were. "Aunt, Anthony and I can handle it here. How about you go back home and rest?" Sheryl suggested. "Maybe Sue had already gone home. How about you just go back to make sure?" she added. "Yes. If Sue really is back there, you can also notify us in time," Anthony echoed Sheryl's words and convinced Laura to go back home and rest.

Laura thought about their suggestion for a bit, then she finally agreed. After all, there was nothing left for her to do but worry if she continued to stay with them. She bid the two of them goodbye and went on her way.

Just after Laura had left, Anthony's phone rang. The screen showed it was from Sue's number and he quickly answered. "Hello? Is this Sue? Where are you now? Don't you know you nearly frightened me to death?"

"Anthony, I…" Sue just managed to say two words before Allen grabbed the phone away. "Anthony, how have you been since I saw you last time?" Allen's voice spoke over the line.

When Anthony heard the familiar voice, he knew he guessed it right. "Allen, don't cross your limits. She is your own sister," Anthony said as he clutched the phone so tightly that his knuckles turned white.

"Don't worry. I won't do anything to her...for now. But sooner or later… I can't promise that she'd still be safe," Allen said, a sadistic smile on his face. His threatening words made Anthony turn stone-cold, then he made his next move.

A deep sigh escaped his lips before he asked, "What do you truly want?"

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