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   Chapter 1032 Call Me Dad

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Caspar and Lizzy shared looks with each other, not really knowing how to react with the news. It was just really surprising for both of them. They did not really expect Donna to just hand over her shares to their daughter!

'Donna is willing to hand her shares over to my daughter, which shows her sincerity,' Sula's parents mulled.

Despite of the extravagant gift, there was still the hesitancy, on the part of Caspar, to marry his daughter off to George. It was public knowledge that there was something between George and Holley. He did not want his daughter to suffer in the future, if ever.

If her parents were surprised with Donna's generosity, it was jaw-dropping for Sula. Her eyes grew wide. 'Oh my! Is this for real?!' she thought. "Umm…Auntie, I can't accept your offer. Ah...D-Don't you think it's too much?" Sula asked stammering. Afraid that Donna misunderstood that she decided to marry George for his money, she hurriedly explained, "I choose George above all, not the things that come and may come with him..." Then, a look of concern registered on her face. 'I hope she felt what's really in my heart,' Sula prayed.

Donna did not realize she was holding her breath until she exhaled slowly. 'I didn't expect this is how she really feels,' she thought. 'She's different from the other girls I encountered.' Then, she gave her a big, genuine smile. "I know," she simply answered her. "I have already given this a lot of thought since I learned that you are pregnant. The company will be yours while I will enjoy my retirement by taking care of my future grandchild."

"Are you sure that this is really a good idea?" Sula was thinking that her future mother-in-law was still strong to work and more than capable enough to manage a company. She believed that there were persons who were born to work and Donna fell under that category. Moreover, she feared the future of the company in her hands. She did not know anything about businesses, not to mention managing a company. She did not want something bad to happen in the company where Donna invested so much effort and sweat. She knew she had good sense, but was it enough for managing a company? "And, I don't know anything about BM Corporation? What I studied and finished wasn't even connected with it!" Sula continued reasoning.

Seeing Sula's stress, George gave her the assurance he thought she needed. "Don't worry. I am here. I will help you," he said softly. He continued assuring her, "Since mom already decided to give you all her shares, there's nothing left to do but to accept it. You will be the new owner of BM, and I will take care of it." As a joke, to ease the tension, he said laughingly, "Looks like I will be working for you." And everyone laughed with him.

With the way the conversation turned, Caspar and Lizzy felt somehow relieved. Seeing that George agreed with the transfer of shares, they believed that George was serious in marrying their daughter. For if not, why would he go along with Donna's decision?

Despite of George's assurance, Sula was still a bit apprehensive. Looking at him, she shook her head and told him, "No, I think I can't do this. I..."

"Of course, you can!" George cut her off with whatever she would still have to say. He couldn't believe his girl saying no to his mother's gift. It seemed that

time, he asked, "What do you think? Do you like our wedding day to be this week?" George was starting to feel the excitement of marriage. He could only pray that she would approve. He could not wait anymore.

Sula could see the happiness on George. She felt so loved and blessed. Of course, she couldn't also wait to be his wife. The feeling was mutual. With a bright smile, she replied, "I am very okay with the wedding this week. Since I met you, I have been dreaming of becoming your wife. Now, that wish is turning into reality. Why would this be a problem?"

She then gathered George's hands, held them, and said sweetly, "I believe that we are a match made in heaven. You will be a great husband to me."

George removed his left hand, placed it on Sula's right cheek, and caressed it. "Definitely! I will be," George nodded in confirmation. "I will treat you well for the rest of my life." Then, George kissed Sula, sealing their fate.

Watching the exchange removed whatever doubts and negative emotions Sula's parents had towards George. "Since your mother is so generous to my daughter, I should give you something in return," Caspar began as he looked George straight into his eyes. "I know you wanted to purchase my company. Since we are going to be a family, I will let you take charge of it."

"Uncle, there's no need for that..." George refused his kind offer. He did not have any interest in his company. It was not really his intention to buy it. He had only proposed the acquisition of Caspar's firm just to please Holley Ye. Since she was not part of his life anymore, he already forgot that plan.

This time, it was Caspar's turn to insist. "Don't refuse my kindness. That's final. Nothing can change it anymore. Let's just continue to eat and enjoy our meal. You still have to deal with the wedding matters later."

George could not find the right words to say. He was so happy at the moment. "Thank you, Uncle," George replied.

"Uncle? Seriously?" With furrowed eyebrows, Caspar proposed, "You should call me dad."

"Yes, Dad..." George burst into laughing, as he scratched his head. This time, his laughter definitely broke the tense atmosphere. Everyone started to have a good time.

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