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   Chapter 1031 Shares

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The air was tense when the talk turned to George and Sula's futures. After Donna admonished George for his actions, she turned back to Caspar. "Caspar, the reason I invited you here today is to resolve the problem. I know you're angry about George's unacceptable behavior towards Sula—so no matter how much you punish him, he deserves all of it. But right now, the most important is that you take their marriage seriously," she said in a firm but gentle tone.

She cast a sincere look at Caspar and continued, "Yes, George has done a lot of stupid things before—but you can see that he has changed now. Why don't you give him a chance?" "Give him a chance?"

Caspar sneered with a mocking smile. "Donna, we have known each other for so many years. I know George clearly. Although he was obedient to you before, did he ever heed your warning about the whole thing with Holley?"

"No matter how useless I am, Sula is also the apple of my eye. I will never agree to their marriage. I won't give him the chance to hurt my daughter again," he continued in the same icy tone.

He turned to look at Sula with pleading eyes. "If you marry a man who doesn't love you, you'll have a hard time in the future," he warned.

However, Sula stood her ground. "Even if it will be hard in future, I'll accept the consequences," she said firmly. "How could you say that I will fail if you don't even give me a chance?"

"Sula…" Lizzy's voice called her out. She stepped closer to her daughter and also tried to convince her otherwise. "There are some things you have to know…Sometimes, you won't get any reward no matter how hard you work. You blamed your parents who didn't give you a chance to pursue your happiness before, but you should carefully remember the days when you stayed in Y city. Did we try to stop you from pursuing your own happiness?" she said.

Soon enough, Lizzy's persuasive words made a bitter smile cross Sula's face.

'Yeah, I tried to pursue my happiness. I wanted to give up when I got really depressed, but George finally gave me a glimmer of hope with his actions, ' Sula thought.

Sula's thoughts were cut off when Lizzy spoke a

is character and personality. You know his background clearly. Besides, after they get married, we will also live with them. You can see how he would treat Sula anytime. Even if George would really hurt Sula one day, rest assured that I would be the first one who would never let him go," Donna continued.

A small smile made its way to her lips when she was done—she had really laid down all her pride just to make Caspar agree.

She looked pensively at Caspar and decided to make a promise. "If you're still not assured…"

She paused for a bit and then continued, "After these two get married, I will transfer all my shares under Sula's name. If they are divorced, I won't ask for even one of the shares back. That will be my compensation for Sula and you, so can you finally believe that we're truthful?"

"Are you serious?" Caspar asked Donna incredulously. They were all stunned as soon as the words came out of Donna's lips.

To Caspar, it was clear as day that Donna refused to transfer her shares to George before because of Holley. Now, she promised to transfer all her shares to Sula... That only meant that she was handing over the whole company to her.

"We are all a family. There is nothing more important than their marriage," Donna said. "Besides, I am getting older and older. After the two children get married, I will be satisfied and get to really enjoy my life if I rid myself of the burden from work."

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