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   Chapter 1030 Caspar's Fury

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With a faint smile, George firmly expressed, "It's my bad. I can understand that you are mad at me because I did a lot of stupid things that hurt Sula. Realizing how foolish I acted before, I promise you that I will make it up to her. I will be nice and will treat her right. And please don't blame her and my mother."

The annoyance that was clearly emanating from the presence of Sula's father did not deter George in acknowledging his own shortcomings. "I learned a lot from my mistakes. To make amends, I chose to be with Sula. I hope you can give me a chance. And I promise I will assume full responsibility for taking good care of her and the child."

When he swore to Caspar, he was not sure if he could keep his promise. But since he already made a choice, he proceeded, "I will show you with my actions that I will be a good husband and a father."

"Who told you I came here to discuss your and Sula's wedding?" Caspar snorted. "To be honest with you, my wife and I came here to take Sula back home. You want to marry her? That's not gonna happen."

He rose from his seat and dictated, "I am telling you that I will never marry my daughter off to you. You don't deserve her. You'd better give up this stupid idea."

He turned his head towards his wife and informed, "We are taking our daughter to the hospital. After she gets an abortion, we will return to Korea."

"Caspar, I don't think..." Lizzy trailed off as she was engrossed in her thoughts. Although she was annoyed at George, she had no heart to lose her grandchild. Besides, an abortion would take a toll on Sula's health, she thought.

"I think we should give it a second thought," Lizzy voiced out her opinion as she narrowed her eyes.

"What are you talking about?" Caspar huffed. "I don't think there is a need. N

couldn't understand her. All his friends already learned that his daughter had come to Y City to pursue George.

If they learned about Sula's pregnancy, they would laugh at him, he thought.

Most importantly, he knew that these two were not in love and would not be happy after they got married. If George couldn't let that woman go, he thought Sula would get hurt one day.

He cared about his reputation. But he was more afraid that his daughter might have an unhappy marriage.

"You are going too far, Caspar," Lizzy broke in with knitted brows. "She is your daughter..."

"I don't need a rebellious daughter," Caspar snapped indignantly.

A wry smile flashed across her face as Donna witnessed all of this. To prevent the situation from getting worse, she stood out and made her way towards George. She stopped between her son and Caspar and mediated, "Come on. Don't argue with each other. We are here to work it out, aren't we?"

Turning to George, she said, "Don't be mad at your uncle Caspar. He does this for his daughter. If I were in his shoes, I would not agree to marry my daughter off to you."

Abashed, George dropped his head. 'I do have many flaws, ' he reflected.

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