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   Chapter 1029 It's All My Fault

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"Stop lying to me!" Caspar thundered, turning his head towards Sula. "Do you think I didn't know what happened here? The rumors about his affairs with Holley Ye have spread like wild fire in the BM Corporation headquarter. So your mother and I came here to bring you back home.

But now we found out that he got you pregnant and you didn't even tell us. We feel ashamed of you." "Dad," Sula called out acidly, raising her brows.

"Come on, honey." Lizzy threw Caspar an angry stare. "Sula is already grown up and she can now make her own decisions. We are here to solve the problem, aren't we?" She looked around and saw a few people already looking at them wondering what the commotion was about. "People are watching us," she murmured. "Please don't embarrass her."

As Caspar didn't snap back, she went on, "We can talk about this when we meet Donna. What do you say?"

"Fine. We will talk about this later," he agreed. With a snort, he proceeded, "I'd like to hear her explanation when I see her."

"Dad," Sula whispered with a helpless look. "Shut up!" Caspar growled at his daughter.

"I will deal with you after I am done talking with Donna." Upon hearing this, George couldn't remain silent any longer. With luggage in his hand, he approached Caspar and said, "Uncle, it's all my fault. Sula and my mother did nothing wrong. I am the one to blame."

"Hold on," Caspar answered George.

With a sneer, he said menacingly, "I will handle you later." Without further ado, Caspar pulled his daughter's hand and tugged her hurriedly out of the airport. His wife and George followed them.

George's car was just parked outside. But instead of getting in his car, Caspar called for a taxi.

George, feeling guilty, was unable to do anything but to climb into his car and follow their cab.

When Caspar's family arrived at the restaurant, Donna stood outside waiting for them.

After she had finished talking with Holley, she wasted no time driving towards the restaurant to welcome Sula's parents.

As she spotted George's car, she app

for him, ' she thought with a bitter smile. "George did a lot of wrong things to Sula. But now he already realized his mistakes, and he wanted to make things right. Since Sula is pregnant, I want to discuss their wedding with you.

I think we should organize their wedding ceremony as soon as possible. Would you agree?" Donna asked for Caspar's opinion. As he didn't respond, she continued, "After they get married, I can assure you that George will treat her very well. You have my word on that. I will keep an eye on him. I am sure that he will not dare cheat on Sula." George stood aside, watching his mother and Caspar's interaction. Sula's father used to be nice to him.

'I was a jerk to Sula. If I were him, I wouldn't let it go so easily. I fully understand his anger towards me, ' he thought.

He stared at Donna, lost into thought. 'I have never seen my mother bow to anyone.'

In his eyes, Donna was an arrogant, decisive person. Besides, she was a peremptory boss.

He never saw his mother treat others in such a humble manner.

'She does this for me, ' he thought. He couldn't bear to stand it any longer. 'I made a mistake and I should solve it on my own.'

Taking a deep breath, he made his way to Caspar. He took the tea from his mother and stood in front of Sula's father deferentially.

He said harshly, "Uncle Caspar, it's all my fault."

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