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   Chapter 1028 Airport Pickup

The Substitute Bride By Mi Lu Characters: 9184

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"Holley Ye! Don't you dare do anything rash, you hear me?" Donna's eyebrows knitted into a tight frown as she warned Holley standing in front of her. "Let me remind you of your promise. Engrave your words deeply in your mind. Because once you dare to badger George again after taking my money, I swear, I will not spare you."

Holley flashed a harsh sneer on her face. "Take it easy." She looked at the furious Donna in front of her, unaffected by Donna's threat, and assured, "I am a woman of my word. If you also keep your end of the promise, then I won't absolutely let you down. I will finally end things between me and George."

Holley's words didn't assure Donna at all. Instead, her words made her sneer with coldness. She felt the desperate need to end the conversation with Holley, so she immediately stood up from her seat. Before she left, she looked at Holley and asked, "I believe we have nothing else to talk about. I will take my leave first."

"Aunt Donna," Holley stood and called out in attempt to stop her. Donna turned her attention to Holley and waited for whatever she was about to say next. Before Holley could open her mouth to speak, her cell phone began to ring. She glanced at the screen and found that the caller ID was George. Holley picked up the phone and turned to give Donna a suggestive smile. "Please, Aunt Donna, sit back. I just have to answer George's call first before continuing our conversation."

Donna's eyes widened slightly. She was stunned by George's sudden call to Holley and was a little confused. 'Why is George calling Holley at this moment? Shouldn't he be with Sula right now and on their way to pick up Sula's parents?'

Holley immediately answered the call and acted as if she was still in the same intimate relationship as she was with George before everything that had happened. With a tender and sweet voice, she asked, "George, honey, what's wrong? Aren't you busy? Did something happen?"

On the other end of the call, George was sitting on his car while he waited for Sula. Hearing Holley's voice, he flashed a little sneer on his face and asked in a calm tone, "Holley, where are you? It's difficult for me to find time to visit you, but why aren't you at home right now?"

Panic rose from Holley's chest as soon as George asked her. In haste, she replied, "I just went out to have tea with a friend. Please, wait for me and I'll be back soon. This won't take long."

"You went out with a friend for tea?" George repeated and paused for a while, as if pondering over the veracity of her statement. He then pushed these thoughts away and said, "Well, since you are pregnant now, the most important thing that you have to keep in mind is to be in a happy and comfortable mood. E

she raised her hands and waved at them. "Dad, Mom! We are here!"

"Sula!" Lizzy rushed towards them and let go of her luggage to embrace Sula in her arms. She hugged her tightly and then placed her arms on her shoulders to look at her daughter. "Look at you. You have grown much thinner now. Aren't you eating well?" Sula blushed embarassingly.

With his luggage in hand, Caspar followed behind and said, "That's enough. Let's go back first, and then catch up later, okay?"

His face was stern, letting no one read his real emotions.

"Yes, yes, we should do that, but since Uncle Casper and Aunt Lizzy just arrived, why don't we go and have dinner first? I've already reserved a table in a restaurant," George offered. He then graciously helped carry Lizzy's and Caspar's luggage, but because Caspar remembered how George badly treated Sula before, he did not show any kindness towards George. Instead, he sneered at him with coldness and passed by him, walking ahead towards the exit.

Sula turned to look at George. When she was about to say something, Lizzy grabbed her hand, leading her out to follow after Caspar, and asked, "Sula, tell me about you. How are you these days? We haven't gotten to talk much anymore. Is anyone treating you unfairly?"

Sula gave her mom a quick smile and replied, "Mom, I'm doing very well. No one is bullying me here." She paused and then immediately added, "Don't trust other people's nonsense."

Caspar scoffed with a scowl on his face. "Talking nonsense? Who do you think is talking nonsense here? Do you think your parents didn't know anything when we were away in Korea? How long are you going to help hide this brat's misdoings?"

"Dad!" Sula frowned at Caspar and heaved a deep sigh. "That is all in the past now. George changed and is very nice to me now. Don't you..."

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