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   Chapter 1026 The Amusement Park

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"Actually it's not as difficult as you are thinking," Sheryl said with a smile on her face. "Motherly qualities, as well as instincts, come naturally to all women when they become mothers. When you become a mother like me, you will understand it. You will become stronger than you can ever imagine if at all such a situation happens when a threat is posed to your baby's safety or well being," Sheryl assured as an experienced mother.

Sheryl kept Sue company and talked to her for a long time. Finally, Sue got slightly reassured and felt relaxed. She glanced at Sheryl and said in a calm voice, "You are right. The most important thing for me now is to keep my baby safe and sound. I should put everything else aside."

"That's right." Sheryl took a deep sigh of relief after hearing what Sue said.

In the evening, Laura asked her to stay longer and invited her to have dinner with them. But Sheryl declined it politely saying, "No, thanks. Auntie, I have promised my kids that I will have dinner with them tonight. So thank you for your invitation, but I have to go."

After hearing this, Laura could not force Sheryl to stay and agreed to let her go. Laura found Sheryl's occasional visits to Sue to be very welcoming. At least, like that Sue had someone she could talk to openly and get rid of many apprehensions that might occur in an expecting mother's mind. After all who could be better than a friend of Sue as well as a young mother herself when it came to give company to Sue at this time? Sheryl bid goodbye to Sue and Laura and drove back home.

As Sheryl entered the house, Shirley came running to her with open arms asking for a hug. Sheryl brushed her cheeks against Shirley's soft cheeks and nudged her slightly. She asked her tenderly, "So, how's my baby doing today?" Hearing this Shirley pouted her lips and began to complain, "Mom, why do you come back so late? I even thought that you won't come back tonight."

"How come?" Sheryl put her down on the floor and crouched down until their eyes were at the same level and replied with eyes fixed on Shirley's face.

Sheryl was aware that ever since she joined back to her company, she had not been able to get enough time for her kids. The thought of it made her feel guilty.

Sheryl had been hands-on with Shirley ever since she was born. And when it came to Clark, Sheryl felt that she owed him much more. However, her growing responsibilities at the company allowed her much less time in her hands that she could utilize for her kids.

"You can't imagine, Sheryl, how eagerly Shirley was waiting for you. She remained glued to the window all evening just to see you coming back home. She really missed you." Nancy came out of the kitchen and spoke to Sheryl as she served the dishes on the table.

"Oh, really?" Sheryl felt sorry and looked at Shirley. Once again, she touched Shirley's chin tenderly.

Charles was away on a business trip, so Sheryl took both the kids to her bedroom. She read them bedtime stories until both of them were fast asleep cuddling up to her from both sides. In a while, even she dozed off into a deep slumber.

Next morning as she opened her eyes she was taken aback to see that the kids were not there in the bed. Instead of them, it was Charles who was sleeping beside her. At first, she could not believe her eyes. She

nd Charles.

Right at that moment, suddenly, a beam of silver light appeared. Following right behind the light, was Charles holding the two kids' in his hands. Sheryl could not stop her tears as she saw them approaching towards her.

"Mom…" Shirley kept waving her hands to draw Sheryl's attention. Letting out her tears to flow down her cheeks and a big sigh of relief, Sheryl put her hand on her chest and thanked God. The next moments both her kids were in front of her holding her hands from either side. They pulled her hand and took her to Charles who stood at a little distance from them.

"You… What are you doing?" Sheryl sensed something was about to happen which she was not aware of. Initially, the park was crowded and there was so much of hustle and bustle. Then suddenly there was a limbo and everything just vanished into the darkness. Even Charles looked a little different. The kids were chirpy as ever. Feeling curious and intrigued, she stood in front of Charles.

All of a sudden, her eyes fell on the bunch of roses in Charles' hand. But before she could react Charles spoke.

"Sher…" Charles addressed her lovingly. He stared at her affectionately and got down on one knee. "We have known each other for nearly five years now. So many things have happened in these five years. We have been through both joys and tears. What's more, we have these two beautiful kids with us. I really feel lucky to have met you."

"You…What are you doing?" Sheryl felt a lump in her throat as she spoke. She was both surprised and overwhelmed by this gesture. Although there were no others except the two kids, Sheryl also felt a little embarrassed in the public area. She looked at Charles and said, "Just stand up. The kids are looking at us. Don't you think it is slightly awkward?"

Sheryl stooped down and tried to pull Charles up. But he held his pose and took her hand in his own hand.

He fixed his eyes on Sheryl and continued, "Sher, back when you went missing for the last three years, I nearly got mad and searched for you everywhere. And it was at that time that I realized how important you are for me. I can never explain to you in words how ecstatic I was when I found you after three years."

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