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   Chapter 1024 I Will Come To You Again

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"Mom, step aside!" Allen knitted his brows. He shouted ferociously, "I have to teach this bitch a lesson today!"

"I said No!" Peggy refused resolutely and suddenly stood in front of Sue. At that moment Sue was actually touched that her mother was trying to protect her and her baby. However, in the very next moment, Peggy's words made her reconsider.

After Peggy stopped Allen, she reasoned with him, "You can't do that. The baby in her belly is still useful to us. If you hurt her or the baby and provoke Anthony, who could help us out?"

Seeing that Allen was still staring at Sue with nothing but malice in his eyes, she took his hands in hers and comforted him, "My son, listen to me. The priority for us now is to escape. Calm down. Don't be reckless!"

"But mom, don't you see, she is so..."

"No, don't argue with me any more!" Peggy interrupted him angrily and ended the conversation. "She is only useful if she is unharmed. Would Antony still treasure her if she loses the baby? You can't hurt her, you fool!"

Sue had thought that Peggy cared about her because she was her daughter. However, Peggy only cared whether she was useful for them.

Sue laughed at herself for being so foolish that she actually thought Peggy would ever love her. Peggy turned around to Sue and threatened, "I warn you, make the preparations soon. Otherwise... don't blame me when I hurt you. You know what I'm capable of! In that case, I can't guarantee that your baby will be safe or not!"

"Don't you dare threaten my baby!" Sue yelled at her with all her strength. All of this excitement had worn her out. Her face was completely drained of all color..

"Just try it!" Peggy sneered. She dashed forward and grabbed Sue's bag, and then took all the money she had in it. "I warn you, give me all the things that I require. If you don't, I will come to you again!" After Peggy finished, she was ready to leave with Allen.

"Hey, stop right there!" Sue was trying to stop them from escaping, when suddenly Anthony's panicked voice rose outside the door, "Sue, where are you? Sue?"

"Anthony is coming. Let's go! Hurry up!" Peggy commanded as she pulled Allen's sleeve. She reminded Sue again, "Prepare everything I need soon. Don't make me wait long! I don't have any patience!"

Then they left quickly. Sue wanted to

Peggy's blatant threats. He told Sue, "From now on, you should stay at home until they are arrested. Peggy could only come to the hospital to meet you. It proves that she can't reach you when you are at home, let alone hurt you and the baby."

Anthony stared at Sue with care and love. "Don't worry, I'll find them out as soon as I can. Since they have committed crimes already, they should also accept the consequences for it. I hope that you can understand. Don't blame me when they are arrested."

"Now why would I ever blame you for that?" Sue smiled bitterly. "That is exactly the result I want."

"Alright, then. You get some rest now. I'm going to complete the discharge paperwork." A malevolent grin spread across Anthony's face. 'Peggy and Allen dare to threaten Sue and our baby. Then don't blame me for being merciless!' he thought to himself.

After everything was ready, Anthony took Sue home. When Laura heard what had happened in the hospital, she was frightened to death. She constantly checked on Sue again and again until she was convinced that Sue was all right.

"Thank goodness you are fine. I can't imagine how to live the rest of my life if you had been hurt!" The thought of the worst case scenario terrified Laura.

"Aunt Laura, I'm really all right," Sue said to comfort her. She smiled and took her hands in her own.

"Alright, mom," Anthony said as he started to escort Sue upstairs. Anthony held Sue's arm and continued, "Sue was a little scared today. It's better for her to get some rest upstairs now."

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