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   Chapter 1022 A Regular Pregnancy Check-up

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Sheryl could tell by his expression that Anthony persuaded Sue not to think too much of her mother and brother. But obviously Sue didn't follow his advice.

She smiled at him and said, "I think you should talk to her about this again as soon as possible."

Anthony sighed and replied, "Sue is a good girl. It seems that I cannot force her not to think of them. I understand that they are her family. But what I couldn't understand is why she thinks too highly of them. Peggy and Allen treated her so badly, but she still cares about them especially after they got into trouble. She should prioritize herself. With her present condition, matters such as this will not be good for the baby." Sheryl suggested, "Then, you better find out Allen and Peggy as soon as possible. It will help give Sue a peace of mind."

"I know." Anthony drew a wry smile and opened up, "To be honest with you, I have already been looking for them recently. But since they turned fugitives, they become good in hiding. I have not found any signs of their whereabouts. So I..."

"You used to be smart. What happened to you?" Sheryl stared at Anthony and continued, "Of course, they are the wanted fugitives, so they don't dare appear in public. And since the police are searching for them, they have no way to leave here. So they must be still in Y City. Expect them to contact Sue soon. They would be fools if they didn't turn to Sue for help."

She stopped and waited for Anthony to speak. When there was no response, she went on, "Since Sue got pregnant, you asked her to stay at home. Allen and Peggy wouldn't dare to go to your house even if they wanted to ask Sue for help. So you need to plan something for them to meet up."

"But... she's pregnant. I can't take the risk," answered Anthony while frowning and shaking his head.

"Nothing ventured, nothing gained. It's the only way to settle this," Sheryl insisted. Sheryl understood Anthony's misgivings. She wouldn't have brou


"Stop crying!" Peggy's cold, aggressive voice came from behind. "I am still alive. You don't need to cry as if you're mourning for me," she snorted brusquely.

"Mom..." Sue gushed as she turned around. She strode towards her mother, held her hand excitedly and asked, "Where have you been? Why didn't you contact me?"

"What do you think? I have been hiding from the police," Peggy replied angrily. "We are not as lucky as you are. You have a home and lead a comfortable life. Look at your brother! He is so thin."

Sue rested her eyes on Allen standing in a corner. She frowned as she scolded him, "How could you do that, Allen?

No matter what Doris did to you, you shouldn't have killed her. Look at what you've gotten yourself into. And, you also put mother in danger! You can't continue hiding like this."

"Shut up!" Allen threw Sue a furious stare as he hissed, "That bitch betrayed me! She lied to me! She even carried another man's child! I don't regret what I did!"

"You..." Sue was too angry to utter another word.

Peggy looked back and forth at Sue and her son. In the end, she sided with Allen. She said in a soft yet forceful voice, "Allen is right. That woman deserved what happened to her. It was her fault. She brought shame to our family. We never tolerate such acts."

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