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   Chapter 1021 Anthony Drives Sheryl Home

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"Whatever you say, Sheryl, Allen is my brother. He killed Doris and ran away. Doris' mother is overwhelmed by grief and anger. It's normal for her to pick on me," sighed Sue. Sue was sympathetic towards Doris' mother thinking about the pain she had to undergo while burying her young daughter. Although Doris shouldn't have cheated Allen, it was too cruel for Allen to kill her. It was an irreparable loss for the poor mother. Sue felt sorry for her and would refrain from arguing with her if possible.

Sheryl could not help appreciating the kind gesture on Sue's part. She took a sigh and explained, "You silly girl! I really don't know what to say. There is no dispute in the fact that he is your brother. But both of you are adults. You should only be responsible for your behaviors. He is the one who committed a crime. You didn't kill Doris. Why should you take the blame for this?"

Sue lowered her head and didn't reply. Sheryl continued, "In my opinion, you were unlucky to be born in this terrible family. That's why you are kind but indecisive."

"I…" Sue chocked as she tried to speak. She swallowed and tried to control her overwhelming emotions. Then she curved her lips into a bitter smile and said, "I see. Maybe you are right. But I don't know how to get over this. I just can't bring myself to stop thinking about that."

"Think more about your baby. Will it be a boy or a girl? Who will it resemble more—you or Anthony? Why don't you spare some time and visit a bookstore? Buy some books on parenting children. This is your first baby. I am sure you have many questions. You will find the answers in books. Just focus all your energies on your baby and prepare yourself for being a good mother," Sheryl consoled Sue with a smile. Thinking about Doris' death was indeed a very regressive thought. Especially, Sue could not do anything to make the situation better. Rather, diverting her mind into more constructive things was easy.

Sheryl's comforting words helped Sue calm down. She pushed the unwelcome idea at the back of her mind. Being a mother was exciting. Slowly her face broke into a smile as she began to think and speak more about the baby. She started imagining her future plan and talked about it with Sheryl.

'It is impossible for Sue to forget the trouble Allen caused. Her attention is temporally diverted by her baby,' Sheryl thought as she tried to cheer Sue up by indulging her in a candid conversation.

It had been a long time since they met. They kept talking and didn't even notice that the dusk had fallen. Their conversation was interrupted when Anthony came in. He greeted Sheryl causally and then turned to Sue. He asked what she had done the whole day and how she felt today. He consciously avoided conversing much with Sheryl taking Sue's feelings into consideration.

In front of Anthony, Sue seemed to be very obedient. Anthony didn't talk much to Sheryl, which made her feel much comfortable.

nt about Anthony driving Sheryl to her home.

"I will drive you home," Anthony said firmly.

Since all the three of them persuaded Sheryl, she agreed to be dropped home by Anthony. It would be too impolite to say no.

Anthony put down his chopsticks and got up. "I will be back soon," he said turning towards Sue. Sue smiled back at him and then at Sheryl. Then Anthony turned his gaze at Sheryl and said, "Let's go. The rain has subsided a little. Let's not delay. I will drive you home."

"Okay. Thank you," Sheryl said shortly and got up from the chair. It would be weird to sit in the same car with Anthony, but she had no other option. She bid adieu to Laura politely, gave a warm hug to Sue and said, "Take good care of yourself and always think about positive things. You will have a happy child. I will see you soon."

"Okay," Sue nodded and saw Sheryl off. When Sheryl and Anthony left, she went to her own room.

Sheryl maintained a distance as she followed Anthony to the car. She took her seat and looked out of the window focusing on the raindrops falling on the windows.

There was total silence, an air of momentary mutual embarrassment.

"Are you … are you okay? Does Charles treat you well?" Anthony broke the silence and asked. He was wondering how she has been.

"I am good," Sheryl smiled and answered briefly.

She turned to Anthony and advised him to pay more attention to Sue. "I noticed Sue was in low spirits. If you have time, try to give her company." As a common friend of both Anthony and Sue, Sheryl wanted them to be happy. Sue was a very soft-hearted girl and wouldn't cut off the relations with her family no matter what.

Anthony sighed, "I see. She is worried about Allen." Although Anthony knew what had happened, he was completely helpless in this case. After all, Doris was dead. And there was no choice but to send Allen into prison. Sue was somehow not able to accept her brother going behind the bars.

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