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   Chapter 1020 Sue's Worries

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"Please don't say that. It's all behind us now. Besides, I never blamed you," Sheryl said with a genuine smile. "In fact, I also did something wrong. We should just leave the past behind."

"I'm glad to hear that," Laura returned as she smiled in relief. She motioned to the stairway at the end of the hall as she continued, "Sue is resting upstairs. You may go and check on her now.

Please stay and join us for dinner. I will cook some delicious food for you." "No, thanks," Sheryl refused her offer instantly.

"Come on, Sheryl, please say yes," Laura urged. Narrowing her eyes at Sheryl, she asked skeptically, "Are you still mad at me? Otherwise, why would you refuse to eat with us?" "No, please don't get me wrong," Sheryl explained as she shook her hands.

The frown on the elder's face disappeared. She beamed, "Then stay and have dinner with us. You can also spend more time with Sue."

Watching the hesitant look on Sheryl's face, she persuaded her, "Sue has been required to stay home recently. She must feel dull. I'm sure she would be delighted to see you."

"Okay, I will stay as you wish," Sheryl finally agreed.

Since Laura showed her great hospitality, she couldn't find a reason to refuse her invitation. Sheryl headed upstairs and went straight to Sue's room. As she came in, she saw her staring out the window. Hearing her footsteps, the pregnant woman turned around and caught sight of her bestie. As expected, her presence brought her great satisfaction. Ecstatic, she sprinted towards her and held her hand. "Oh, Sher, you're here!" she gushed.

"Oh, geez! Couldn't you slow down?" Sheryl frowned at her reckless friend before she said, "You scared the hell out of me. Let me remind you again. You're pregnant so you should always be careful."

"It's okay," Sue assured her with a smile. She then started to whine, "You have no idea how boring it is to stay home all day. I was about to call you up. It is really dr

is gone. No one wanted such a horrible thing to happen."

"Yes, no one wanted it to happen," Sheryl followed. "But did you cause all of this?" she questioned.

"I understand that Doris' mother must have felt sad so she came here and wanted to bring your brother to justice. But I think she came here mainly because she wanted to get a big sum of money from Anthony. Her daughter is dead, but she still planned to use her death to blackmail Anthony. Why would you pity such a woman?" "But she already lost her daughter. It's natural that she wants to get some compensation.

Don't you think so?" Sue still spoke for Doris' mother. "It's not your fault. You didn't murder her daughter. In fact, you are also a victim. But she comes here to harass you from time to time. I can't agree with her extreme acts. Do you think it's right for her to pester an innocent person that way?" As Sue didn't argue with her, she continued, "Anthony must have already looked into her intentions. He knows what that woman wants, but he still makes no compromise.

Do you know why?" Sheryl watched as Sue seemed to ponder on this thought.

She remained silent so Sheryl decided to continue with her conclusion. "Because he knows that once he gives her some money, she will ask for more another time," she explained.

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