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   Chapter 1019 Apologize

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Cary, who was on the other end of the line, smiled,"So, what you're telling me is that Susan complained to you about me? Am I right?"

"Exactly," Sheryl also smiled as she responded to him. "We were talking and somehow your name came up. She just left. She seemed really startled this time around."

"You know, Sheryl, it was not all my fault," Cary sighed. Then he started explaining himself,"I had to lie about Susan. I told everyone that she was my fiancee, just to help her get out of BM Corporation. Other than that reason, I don't have an excuse for interfering in any manner. However...who knew things would develop like that. My grandfather heard the rumor and insisted that I take Susan home and introduce them to one another. I didn't have a choice. That is why I have to take her to see my family this evening."

"What? You didn't have a choice? Well, it seems to me that you aren't reluctant to introduce her to your family at all. Instead, you want to do it, right?" Sheryl was making fun of Cary intentionally. She then switched her tone suddenly and became very serious. "Cary...I don't know whether I should be saying this to you, but I feel like I have to remind you that she is, after all, a girl. She is bashful. So, I think you..."

"Sheryl, stop. You can rest assured. I know what I feel and where to draw the line. I won't embarrass her. I wouldn't feel right to do so," Cary interrupted Sheryl. He then reassured her about his intentions,"I have to tell you. After spending time with Susan, I really did fall in love with her and I'm serious about starting a relationship with her. However, I'm not going to push her before I am sure about how she feels. So, that's why I prefer to just... I prefer to tease her. At least for now...I want to let her know how strong my feeling is towards her. I want her to be my woman for life, and I will remind her to stay away from other men every single day! You can count on that."

Hmm! Sheryl couldn't help but let out a chuckle. She commented,"Well, if you really like her and you are sincere about it, then I can rest assured that you'll do the right thing. Cary, I am well aware that even though Susan doesn't admit it, I know she has feelings for you. There's no need to ever doubt her in that regard."

Sheryl hung up the phone and smiled once more. She then decided to visit Sue. She recalled that she hadn't seen Sue in a long time. Sheryl bought some fruit along with her during her lunch break and then headed over to Anthony's house.

"Who is it?" Laura asked after hearing the doorbell ring.

Hearing Laura's voice, Sheryl felt a bit scared, even though La

hen I compare myself with you, I realize that I truly am a horrible person." Her voice trembled as she spoke. Analyzing her words, she continued,"You and Anthony... Both of you loved each other very deeply. However, I... I felt the need to use dirty tricks to separate the two of you. In fact, I nearly succeeded in making the two of you become enemies. I really regret it!"

Laura started walking closer to Sheryl. She then took her hands and tried to explain,"Sheryl, you are a really good person, and I've known it from the first moment we met. Nevertheless... I was too selfish to accept how good you were. I didn't want Anthony to marry you because of your kids. I admit that you were good enough, but... I still hope that you can understand my selfish motives as a mother somehow. Not that it can be justified, of course."

"Aunt Laura, I have already told you not to mind the matter, as it is in the past." Sheryl didn't know how to persuade Laura to forget about what happened.

"I'm sure you're over it, but I'm not," Laura insisted. She stared at Sheryl and continued,"This matter has been troubling me for a while now. I really believe that I owe you an apology. So... I'm truly sorry, Sher."

Noticing that she was ready to bow again, Sheryl stopped her immediately. She placed her hand on Laura's shoulder, in a means to comfort her,"I really don't mind it at all. So please, Aunt Laura, don't..."

Laura continued,"You are Sue's bestie and you used to be the dearest lover of Anthony. I really messed up your relationship, didn't I? I really feel sorry about it.

I must apologize to you today to untie the knot between our overbearing minds. I hope that everything that's past wouldn't damage or affect your friendship in the future."

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