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   Chapter 1018 Susan's Trouble

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When Charles kissed her with so much passion, Sheryl nearly lost her mind and didn't even notice anything that happened. She didn't even know how she ended up with him in the bed, naked and wresting with him with love and desire in her soul.

After they finished, Charles put an arm around Sheryl's neck. They were both naked and lying in the bed, sweating and glistening with their lovemaking. "I only came for today... tomorrow I have to take an early flight back," he told her.

"So you came back just for our wedding anniversary?" Sheryl asked, surprised. She lifted her head a bit and looked at him.

Charles nodded and smiled at her, causing her to get flustered. "I...uh... I don't know what to say..."

Finally, she just heaved a sigh, relaxing into resignation. "You know, I don't really put much emphasis on our wedding anniversary. If you can't make it, just stay there. I won't care about you not being here."

"No, that's different," Charles replied as he shook his head. Then he smiled at her again and continued, "Sher, we've been apart for too many years...and I've suffered a lot without you here with me. Now that you're with me again, I'm not going to be away from you on this very special day."

He gave her a hug and kissed her on the forehead. "From now on, I promise that every wedding anniversary, I'll be there with you. When I finish my work, why don't we go traveling...something like a honeymoon?"

He wanted to make up for the hurt he caused her three years ago.

"Okay." Sheryl grinned at his suggestion. She loved that idea. "And we can bring Shirley and Clark with us," she added.

Charles squinted and asked in an unsatisfied voice, "Have you heard of a couple bringing their kids on their honeymoon?"

"No, but who cares?" Sheryl asked, not thinking it would matter much. "We have our kids with us now. Why not bring them? We can make it a family trip, all happy together." She frowned, seeing that Charles was unwilling.

"No way!" Charles shook his head immediately. "It's going to be our honeymoon, so no kids. We can bring them with us next time we go on a trip," he persisted. "Next time we can take them with us."

"You are a father. How could you be so selfish?" Sheryl frowned a little more, helpless as

Isn't he afraid that others would really think we are a couple?"

"I don't think he is worried about it," Sheryl told her. Then she gave Susan a gentle smile. "Susan, Cary is a nice man. How about you try to get along with him?"

"Sher…" Susan furrowed her brows. "I didn't come here today to hear such a suggestion from you."

With great sadness on her face, she stared at Sheryl and continued, "Now Cary even treats my house as his. He often goes to my house and visits my parents. My parents even treat him like their own son now. What's more, today he… said he will take me to see his family. Sher, could you help me? I really don't know what I should do now."

Seeing Susan's anxious expression, Sheryl felt upset for her, but also confused. "I also couldn't help you with this. But I want to suggest that you go to see Cary and talk with him."

"But…" Susan's anxiety did not disappear. "But whatever I say to him, he still keeps harassing me. I truly have nothing else to...

Sher, please just help me…" Susan held Sheryl's hand and began to beg.

Seeing this poor girl, Sheryl finally couldn't be cruel and refuse her. So she smiled before she opened her mouth to speak. "Fine. I will have a talk with Cary for you. Before our meeting you have to deal with him yourself."

"Okay, that's okay." Susan resigned, having no other choice than to accept her terms.

After dismissing Susan, Sheryl called Cary. "Cary, don't you think you are proceeding a little fast? Susan is scared of you."

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