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   Chapter 1017 The Wedding Anniversary

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"What the heck are you talking about?" George asked as he arched a thick brow at Sula's words. The quiet air in the bedroom suddenly felt a bit stifling for him. "When I'm with you, I realize that you're the one who really loves me by heart. I know my love for you back then wasn't as deep, but Sula, please trust me! I will do my best to love you if you give me a chance. Time will prove that I can be a good husband and father," he explained.

However, Sula still wasn't fully convinced. "But…" she hesitated.

"Stop talking about it now," George gently cut off her ramblings. "The most important thing for you now is to take care of yourself, got it?" he told her with a tender smile on his face.

George's sincere concern and warm comfort finally got to Sula, and she brushed off her worries. Her eyes bore straight into his, and she just nodded obediently.

'Since George is so sincere and genuine, I should give him, our baby, and even myself a chance, ' Sula pondered.

The digital clock on the nightstand showed that it was nearly dinnertime. Donna had gone upstairs to their room to remind them to eat, and she was greatly relieved by the sight of George lovingly caring for Sula.

She knocked carefully on the ajar door to alert them of her presence. "I never thought that I would see you both in such a loving relationship. All my efforts in setting both of you up for so long weren't in vain after all," Donna joyfully said with a grateful smile on her lips.

When he heard Donna's voice, George alarmingly looked up and sighed in relief. It was just his mother. "Mom, I'm really sorry for bothering you before with my rude behavior," he said apologetically. After his heartfelt apology to Donna, he immediately promised, "Rest assured that I will shoulder my responsibilities for I'm a father now. From now on, I won't ever let you down."

A cheerful smile made its way to Donna's face. "If you had made that clear earlier, I would have been more joyful than anyone else," she said blithely.

After a while, they all trooped to the dining room to eat dinner. Donna served Sula a bowl of hearty chicken soup. "Sula, you should have more chicken soup. Since you're pregnant now, you need to eat more nutritious soup for both you and the baby," she thoughtfully said.

"When I made this chicken soup, I picked the chicken in the supermarket myself and then stewed it the whole afternoon. If you like it, just tell me so I can make it for you next time," Donna added in a warm and gentle tone. The smell of the delicious looking soup wafted in the air.

However, Sula's face went a little white as she looked at her bowl. She had already eaten a lot and she might be stuffed to death if she didn't

erous lifestyle.

They were like a contented old couple with children who lived a simple but happy life.

After their dinner, Charles went and played with their two children for quite a while as Sheryl continued her projects. When she went downstairs to check on them, she found a red-faced Shirley drenched in sweat.

She looked pointedly at Charles and held her daughter in her arms. "Look at you, you're sweating a lot. Go and get ready for bed, you still have school tomorrow," she said.

Then, she called Nancy and asked, "Nancy, please give Shirley a bath." Shortly after she went back upstairs and into the bathroom. When she came out, Charles was there by the door.

"You startled me," she said with a hand to her chest. "Didn't you say that your business trip would last for a week? Why did you come back in a day?" she asked. His face had a mock expression of hurt as he put a hand to his heart.

"What? Don't you want me here?" he teased. His lips stretched into a suggestive smile as he slung an arm around Sheryl's shoulders. Sheryl glanced at him and playfully hit his chest in return.

"How could it be? I was just surprised, that's all," she said.

"I changed my schedule to come back today." He rubbed her shoulders and asked, "Have you forgotten it now?" There was a short pause before he continued, "Today is our wedding anniversary."

Now, Sheryl was stunned for a second. Her mind took her back to the day when they got married three years ago which was exactly today, but that at time she still used the name Yvonne Gu.

"Wow, how do you still remember that?" she asked with a smile.

"Of course, I'll always remember it," Charles replied earnestly. His lips skimmed down her neck and kissed a delicate collarbone. "I remember everything about you clearly," he added.

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