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   Chapter 1016 Pills

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"It's okay..." Holley wrapped her arms tightly around George and refused to let him go. He was finally able to gently push her away and said to her, "No, we cannot do this."

With confusion all over her face, Holley looked at George. Never before, would George have refused her like this.

"What's the matter with you? Why do you push me away?" Feeling a bit dejected, Holley looked at him as she inquired.

"Holley, its just that, you... well, you are pregnant." George frowned slightly as he replied, "I've heard from a doctor I know that it would be better to stop doing that during the first three months of your pregnancy. Otherwise, it may do harm to the baby."

George smiled slightly and continued, "Take this time to get some much needed rest. Don't think about it too much, okay?"

"George, you..." Holley was unwilling to hear such nonsense as she continued trying to reach out to hold George. He avoided her reach with a steadfast expression. He smiled at her and said, "It's about time for me to leave anyway. I have to work later. Let me take you to your room to rest."

George escorted her to her room so she could rest. Once she realized that there was no changing his mind, Holley gave up on trying to pursue it.

On the night table next to the bed George saw a cup of water and a white pill. He knew from past experience that it was one of Holley's painkillers.

Severe pain crippled Holley during her period every month. So she needed to constantly take painkillers to cope.

"What is this...?" The gleam of a disapproving smile flashed across his face as he saw the pill. He attempted to act as if nothing were on his mind as he inquired.

"It's.... It's nothing." Holley stumbled over her words and smiled awkwardly. She had just finished her period few days before and forgot to put the remaining pills back. It was only natural that she was caught off guard when George saw it.

She stepped forward and threw the pills into the trash can. Then she turned to George and said, "I had a really bad headache a few days ago and I wanted to take a pain

to marry her. And she found out about her pregnancy immediately. She was a total wreck, unsure of what was to come next. To add insult to injury, George went to see Holley. That just added fuel to the hurt she already felt.

"Sula, you really have it all wrong this time." George smiled slightly, with a gleam of bitterness on his lips. He explained to Sula, "I went to see Holley to comfort her only. Moreover... I wanted to get my few clothes back so I can change while I am here. I will stay with you from now on. I will accompany you and our baby all the time. I will go with you to every doctor visit. I will be there every step of the way! Are you okay? How are you feeling?"

"Are you serious? Don't play with me right now." As Sula looked at him, she realized that this time... he was unlikely to joke with her, especially now.

"Of course I'm serious." A shadow of smile once more graced George's face. "Don't worry about that. I... I am going to spend my time with you and our baby. No matter what tricks Holley plays, I won't trust her anymore. I am all yours."

"George..." Sula looked at him, still no smile could be found on her face. She asked, "You... Why on earth are you here with me?"

Sula inquired, with eyes fixed on him, "I know how you feel about me. However, If the reason you choose to be with me... is because of the child, I would rather give it up..."

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