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   Chapter 1015 George's Work

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After they got home, Donna reminded George to take Sula to her bedroom to which he happily agreed. He gave Sula his arm for her to lean on and he carefully supported her as they climbed up on the stairs together. But before they could enter Sula's bedroom, her steps faltered and she suddenly pulled George's arm away, which surprised him. She lowered her gaze and stared at the floor for a while. She then slightly turned to shift her gaze at George, who was standing patiently at her side. With a faint smile on her face, she softly said, "George, I am too tired today. I need to have a good sleep. Can we just call it a night?"

Sula did not want him to keep her company. But George could understand her request for him to leave and decided not to force her to let him get in.

He nodded and smiled heartily at her. "Well then, have a good rest. I will be downstairs. If you need anything, just call me."

"I will," Sula responded, flashing him with a sweet smile. She watched him as he headed downstairs and decided to wait until he was out of her sight before entering her room.

Soon after taking a shower, she laid down on her bed. She couldn't help savoring the feeling of finally having that quiet and calm moment for herself. She was lost in thoughts as her mind drifted to all the events had happened earlier that day—George had asked her hand for marriage and she had found out her pregnancy after she had undergone a medical check-up. All of these had happened suddenly and way too fast that she could barely handle them. She found it really daunting and somewhat unacceptable.

She unconsciously laid her hands on her belly. Though it didn't feel like swollen at all as she touched it gently, it surely seemed that there was a life forming inside.

Her mind was in a mess as her thoughts lingered on this. She could tell that George was delighted though surprised and even Donna mimicked his happiness too. Both of them were so excited about this baby coming into this world. However, she had no idea whether she should give birth to this baby or not.

She was indeed confused. "My child...can you tell me? What should I do next?" Looking mirthless, she talked to herself.

"Why did you come down so soon?" Donna asked. George descended the stairs at a slow pace, taking his time as he had too much to reflect in his mind. As soon as he reached the ground floor, he noticed Donna standing in the living room, staring at his direction. She continued to ask him with a frown, "Why are you here already? You are supposed to stay with her for a while."

"I intended to stay with her, but she said she wanted to sleep early tonight. So, I didn't force her to let me stay with her." George didn't draw himself back from his deep thinking. When he snapped out of his musing, he looked pleased. "Mother, would you please take care of Sula in the following months. She needs someone to look after her closely in terms of her diet."

"Rest assured. You don't need to worry about such small stuff. It's all on me." Then Donna gave him a stern glance and warned him, "Well,

and kissed it on the palm. Then he raised his head and expressed in a soothing tone, "You are always concerned that I will not be able to take care of you and the baby, aren't you? Now you know, that I do have the ability to make money and raise both of you even if I leave the company."

George tenderly caressed her face and gazed at her lovingly. "Have faith on me. Though I will suffer long hours of hard work every day, I am not afraid of that. I will even try my best to look after both of you. I promise!"

"No, George. Listen to me. You should quit the job tomorrow." Holley softly held George's face and made him look toward her in the eye and then suggested, "You don't need to suffer that. You only need to be obedient to your mother. Be her son, listen to her and please her. It can be as simple as that. Why will you have to opt for working outside alone and make yourself suffer like that?"

"They are exactly two different things." George frowned. "The money I earned last night…I worked for that. I made it on my own. And that makes it different."

Holley couldn't help letting out a wry smile. She had been struggling so hard for such a long time, but definitely not to this extent of George disaffiliating himself from his family.

"George…" She provocatively leaned herself into George's arms. Lifting her finger, she gently moved it around his chest in circles.

Then she held his eyes, trying to seduce him in this way. She knew so well where his sensitive parts on his body were, so she believed George would not resist her temptation and would resort to having sex with her if she kept on touching him like this. It was hard for her to persuade George by reasons, but it might be easier for her to talk to him after they had made love. Probably it would work.

Much to her surprise, George stopped her by holding her arm firmly. He immediately stood to his feet and looked at her sternly. He growled, "You are pregnant. We cannot do such a thing in the first three months. We should think about our baby inside your belly."

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