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   Chapter 1014 Medical Result

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"Of course not!" George denied hastily. "I'm sorry that we are being impolite. But I have to take my leave right now. Sula is not feeling well today, so I need to take her to the hospital. I'll visit you next time."

"You fiancee is sick?" Tim asked with a mix of surprise and concern in his voice. Then he added immediately, "Please go ahead! I wish everything is fine with her." George smiled courteously and walked ahead.

The next moment, George drove Sula to hospital. As he bypassed all the other cars and made way for his car to be on the fastest lane on its way to the hospital, he kept checking with Sula about her health condition. His anxious expression and caring behavior warmed Sula's heart.

She smiled and assured him, "I'm fine. Don't worry about me."

It took them precisely half an hour to reach the hospital. After making sure that Sula was in the safe supervision of the doctor who had started conducting her health check-up, George called Donna to inform her of Sula's illness.

During this entire period, George treated Sula with utmost care and concern. He didn't allow her to do anything. Instead, he finished all the formalities for her. Sula was immensely touched by this gesture. She felt loved and wanted like never before.

"Doctor, how is she now? What's wrong with her?" George asked in a concerned voice as he walked into the doctor's room. Waiting for a moment or two for the doctor to reply, he asked again, "How is she now?"

The doctor kept checking the reports and did not reply to him. George was startled to mark such a casual attitude on the doctor's part. He gazed back at Sula with a stern frown settling on his face. His face relaxed to see Sula in a rather contented state. He gestured for her to tell him what the doctor said. "Take it easy," Sula said. Sula assured him once again. She felt embarrassed to see the childlike anxiousness in George so much so that he could not even wait to get a reply to the question. She pulled his sleeve softly and said, "Take a seat."

"According to the reports, your wife is pregnant." After a moment of silence, the female doctor's voice echoed through the room, making George freeze at his place. She pushed up her large spectacles up her nose as she looked up nonchalantly at the already startled face of George and continued, "The baby is very healthy now. But you should still be cautious in the first three months. You'd better not have intercourse during this period. Remember to do regular check-ups in the hospital. Do you understand?"

"What... what did you just say?" George pulled himself out from the reverie and asked, "Did you just said that she is pregnant?"

"Yes." The doctor nodded. Sh

forgot about his retaliation to Holley. At this very moment, his heart was completely occupied by the small baby.

"Pregnant?" Donna asked in amazement. She glanced at Sula who was sitting there quietly. She couldn't believe it until she noticed that Sula didn't deny.

Donna was so happy. She held Sula's hands and mumbled, "So... I'm going to be a grandma? I'm going to have a grandson?" She grinned from ear to ear.

"Mom, be careful with your behavior from now on!" George said in a stern voice as she touched Sula. He cautioned her, "Sula is pregnant now. Don't be so rude and scare her!"

He then smiled, "Besides, how do you know that it's a boy? It could even be a girl!"

"Boy or girl. I have no bias towards anyone. They are the same for me. I love them both!" Donna smiled as she said. She patted on Sula's hand softly and sighed, "Sula, this is really the best news I've heard recently. It's been such a cherished wish for several years."

Donna and George were cheerful, while Sula was distracted.

According to her primary plan, she had enough time to consider George's proposal. But now...because of the unexpected child, her plan didn't work anymore.

She touched her belly gently and smiled bitterly. "Auntie, I... I feel tired now. I want to go back home and take rest for a while."

"Right! Right! Let's go home now." Donna's voice echoed joy and contentment. As they walked, Donna held Sula's arms cautiously and led her out of the hospital protecting her from getting pushed accidentally by the passersby. George was also mindful of every step taken by Sula making sure that she does not fall. Sula felt rather stressed out due to this sudden care and attention from the mother and son. She was amazed thinking about how much importance they attached to the baby.

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