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   Chapter 1009 I Will Put Her Behind Bars

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With a sneer, George remarked, "Someone is willing to abandon a good life and get herself into trouble. She is digging her own grave. It's her own fault."

Sheryl looked at him as she said gingerly, "You should know that I will not just let Holley get away. She is like a ticking time bomb, so I will go to great lengths to throw her back into jail. Hopefully, you will not stop me.

I know you like her very much. But I couldn't let her off this time. She isn't good enough for you."

"Sheryl," George called out, as he narrowed his eyes. "I know Holley did many terrible things to you. I could understand how you are dying to get even with her. But could you give me some time? I want to put her behind bars myself."

After reading all the reports, he felt like a fool. He was eager to take care of Holley himself so he came up with a plan.

"What?" Sheryl exclaimed as George's words took her by surprise. She overcame her shock, engrossed in her thought. Apart from herself, George was also Holley's victim. Now that he volunteered to deal with Holley, she didn't have any reason to refuse his offer. But she was worried that he would not be able to bring her down. She asked him with a skeptical look, "Could you do this?"

"Yes, I could," he assured her with confidence.

"Well, I will leave her to you," she agreed. She arched her eyebrows and reminded him, "Holley is never easy to deal with. I will give you a week. If you failed, I would do it myself."

George nodded, "It will not take that long."

He stood up from his seat and bowed before her. With a guilty expression, he apologized sincerely, "I would like to say sorry for what I did to you before, Sheryl. I used to help Holley bring you down. But I would never do it again. You could mark my word."

"Please don't do this," she gasped with flurry, as she hurried to get up and helped George up. "Holley was behind all of this. You had

n purpose, "My mother said many crazy things to me, but I didn't believe a word. I knew she was trying to turn us against each other. After all, I know you very well."

Holley had her heart in her mouth. Swallowing her saliva, she focused her gaze on George and carefully queried, "What did you mother say?" "Nothing important," George replied flatly.

"I would not believe a single word from her." He took her hands and explained, "I had no feelings for Sula. You need to believe me.

We should get inside to get our identity cards. Then we could head to the Civil Affairs department and file our marriage."

She wrinkled her brows and broke free from his grip impatiently. Narrowing her eyes at him, she gruffly said, "Calm down, George."

"What's up?" With a scowl, he said, "We promised each other that we would never split up. Did you forget it?" "Of course I remember it," she replied.

Before she got the money and the company from George's mother, she wouldn't afford to displease him. "I mulled over last night and I thought I couldn't hold you back." She made up an excuse.

With a wry smile, she proceeded, "We are both grown-ups. We should think of the consequences. If I continued to stay with you, how could we make a living? Did you think about this?"

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