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   Chapter 1008 The Truth

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There was a breakfast shop nearby Cloud Advertising Company. Sheryl brought George to one of its VIP rooms. She knew he wanted to talk to her, and a private room could make it more convenient for their conversation.

She filled a cup of water for George and started, "Would you have some water first? Breakfast will be served later. You should try it. Their breakfast is really tasty."

"Thanks," he replied shortly. He was not in the mood to enjoy breakfast now.

"You're welcome," she smiled. She noticed his attitude and joked, "But it's really funny to meet both you and your mother on two consecutive days. I suddenly felt that I'm that busy. So what would you want from me?"

He tried to force a smile before he replied, "To be honest, the purpose of my visit is exactly the same as my mom's."

"I knew it." Sheryl nodded. Under George's amazed sights, she explained, "If I put myself in your shoes, I couldn't believe it either. You would've thought that it was only my one-sided accusation since you had spent days and nights with Holley. As far as you could tell, she is not the kind of person in my story. Am I right?"

Sheryl paused as she saw him nod slightly. Then she continued, "Moreover, the whole thing was too ridiculous for you to believe. I could totally understand your feelings right now."

"To be honest, I could not believe it at all when I first heard it. Not a bit!" George agreed. He frowned worriedly and added, "But I discovered something later that shook my confidence." He looked up at Sheryl. She could read the pain from the expression on his face.

"In fact, I had fluke mind when I came to you. I just wanted to double check it and to confirm whether it was true. Or maybe there was something wrong in between?"

"Nothing was wrong," Sheryl confirmed immediately. She knew he didn't want to accept it. "There were people in your life that you could never ignore, even if that person changed her appearance or her name.

I could never forget her!" Sheryl stated. "Therefore, what

for hiding it from you for so long."

George was trembling with rage after he read over the newspapers. He sneered and talked to himself, 'Holley Ye! Holley Ye! For all those years, you didn't tell me a jolt of truth!'

"It's my bad! I trusted her blindly. I was such an idiot to believe her!" He laughed at himself.

"You shouldn't say that," Sheryl comforted him. "You were just one of the victims of her plot. Holley is extremely tricky and cunning. I'm sure she would've fooled any other people in your position."

"You didn't need to comfort me," George replied. "Now when I recall her lies, I feel so ashamed to have been fooled. Her lies were obviously lame but I believed them. How ridiculous!"

"Stop blaming yourself," Sheryl uttered. She looked at his upset face and reasoned with him, "Luckily, she didn't have the chance to hurt you after she was exposed. Since you knew the truth already, you should think on how you should deal with it. Anyway, Yvonne couldn't remain at large anymore."

She sighed, "Three years ago, she escaped from prison. She could have chosen not to come back and to live a peaceful life, but she insisted on taking her revenge. I hope that you wouldn't blame me when I fight back."

George echoed, "I really hope that she wouldn't have returned and would have lived a good life with me. But she..."

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