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   Chapter 1006 Learn About The Truth

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"Come on, Mom, Sula told me everything. You can't fool me. I would not believe you," George returned in contempt. "I know Holley better than you. Even though you treated her that way, she still spoke for you. Did she do anything to offend you? Why do you hate her so much? I don't get it."

"Well, I know what's going on," Donna sneered. "You came here because Holley wanted to break up with you, right?"

"Yes," the angry man huffed. "But I am telling you that I would not break up with her. You'd better know it."

With knitted brows, he said decidedly, "Even if I lose her, I would not choose Sula. You'd better give up on your stupid plan."

Donna was impressed by Holley. 'She is so effective.

The moment I gave her my assurance, she came to George and asked for a breakup. What's more, she let my son believe that I was the one to blame for their breakup.

She knew that I couldn't bear to see George suffer so she thought I would not expose her secrets to him.

It's ridiculous, ' she pondered.

With a speechless expression, Donna asked, "So you think Holley wanted to end your relationship just because I threatened her, don't you?"

"Are you gonna deny that?" George cast a scornful glance at his mother.

She suppressed her anger and snorted, "What a good son I have! I brought you up alone. Now that you had grown up, you blamed your own mother because of a woman. She fooled you but you don't even realize it."

Watching her irritated son, she continued, "Do you really think she decided to leave you just because I asked her to? In that case, she wouldn't have been with you now. Calm down and think about this. Her attitude changed after I said that I would fire you if she didn't leave you. Didn't you remember?"

George narrowed his eyes, engrossed in his thoughts. Looked like Donna was telling the truth, he concluded. But he

s long as you will be safe and happy. All I want is for you to stop believing that woman and to stay away from her. She is not the simple girl that you imagined."

She let out a sigh and went on, "As for whether I lied to you about this, I am sure you would know the answer soon. I called up my lawyer and asked her to prepare the transfer of ownership contract. If you would not believe my words, you could call the lawyer instead."

George stared at Donna for a while. Although he hated to suspect his girlfriend, he eventually stepped aside and called the lawyer.

When the lawyer confirmed her words, George took a step backward and managed to stand. "Okay, I see. Thank you," he said as he forced himself to hold back his feelings.

He sank into the couch as he hung up the phone. A desperate expression settled on his face as he mumbled, "It couldn't be true. How could it even be possible?"

Donna looked at her son, absorbed in thought. 'I tried to protect him but he was too stubborn that he didn't listen to my advice. He deserved this.' "Do you believe me now?" she finally opened her mouth to ask.

"Mom, this was your trick, right? How could Holley be such a bad girl?" With those words, George let out a cynical laugh.

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