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   Chapter 1004 Holley Wants To Break Up With George

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Plus, Donna was really difficult to get along with. No good would come out of having a mother-in-law like her. With all that in mind, Holley decided she would not marry George.

Filled with emotion, Sula sat on a stool at the Qings Bar.

She was depressed. She was supposed to be going back to Korea. However, after hearing about all of the horrible things that Holley had done, she was so afraid that George would be hurt in the same way. So she chose to stay in order to help George see Holley's true colors.

But now, not only was George not understanding her, it also appeared that he would never believe in her. She was extremely hurt.

She continued to request one beer after another, in the hopes that she could somehow drink all the pain she was feeling away.

However, just after two glasses, George showed up and shouted at her angrily, "Sula, what do you think you were doing?"

He stared at her. "You promised you wouldn't mention what happened between us and help me persuade my mother to agree to the idea of me marrying Holley. Why, then, would you go back on your word? You didn't help improve the situation at all."

"George?" started Sula with slightly slurred speech. However, after having finished just two glasses of beer she realized she was already a little drunk. She looked at George with glossy eyes and felt as though she was caught in a dream. To see if she could wake herself from what she could only perceive as a definite fantasy, she tapped on either side of her face while mumbling, "No, no. This can't be real."

Seeing that she was such a mess, George got even more angry. He grabbed her by the shoulder to turn her around so that she could face him. He raised his voice, "Why would you do that to me?"

"Do that to you?!" Repeating his words with the same disbelief she felt when he said it, Sula smiled bitterly, "George, I didn't now, nor would I ever do something foul to you."

Still believing that the George in front of her was just a figment of her own imagination, she began to divulge all the feelings and sorrow, which she had kept inside, because she never had the strength to tell him. "George, after all this time, you still have no idea how much I love you. I liked you when I was a child. Then, I was like your shadow. Wherever you went I would follow, wide eyed and completely enamored with you. And every time trouble seemed to find you, I tri

olley was annoyed. She looked at him and responded impatiently, "George, you don't have to explain. I don't care if you and Sula had something."

"Holley..." George thought she said that just because she was mad. But he didn't know that Holley was just trying to find an excuse to leave him.

"Okay. Okay. Holley, calm down." He soothed her, as he got himself closer to hug her. "I know it was all my fault. And I know you're angry. Just take it out on me. I will do anything to make you feel better."

Still, Holley was grave and distant, she pushed him away and questioned, "Did you and Sula actually have...?" Holley didn't finish the sentence but urged him with a questioning look to get the answer. Obviously, it was enough for George to understand what she was asking. He paused for a while, hesitating to tell the truth, but finally he nodded, "Yes, we did. But..."

"That's it!" Holley sneered, then a bellow followed, "We're breaking up!"

George was startled by her outburst. "Holley, I know what I did was wrong. But please let me explain again, I didn't really know how that happened. And most importantly, I don't love her. I love you. Holley, please, I can do anything you want me to. Just don't leave me. I..."

"No. I am leaving you." Suddenly, she sighed, her voice full of tiredness, "Between your being with Sula and your mother's hatred for me, I can't see a future for us. It would be the best to end things between us before it gets ugly. At least, the memory will be beautiful."

She then gave him a painful smile. "George, you know, what I hate most is being betrayed."

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