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   Chapter 1003 Reach An Agreement

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"And how about you?" Donna quizzed. "I have to admit that you are the best liar I have seen."

"I love George wholeheartedly," Holley said, her voice devoid of any emotions. "Believe it or not, I am serious about him."

"Save it, Holley!" Donna cast a sharp glance at Holley and said defiantly, "Murderers like you cannot love anyone."

"You!" Caught off-guard by Donna's comment, Holley was flurried and she didn't know how to snap back. After collecting herself, she took a cold look at Donna and said calmly, "Believe it or not, I have never hurt anyone. The real killer is that bitch, Sheryl. My father and mother died because of her."

She couldn't hide her resentment towards Sheryl as she mentioned her name. Her face twitched in anger and she continued to put dirt on her sister's name. "She is a bloody jinx to everyone around her! Had I learnt that earlier, I wouldn't have agreed to let my mother keep her in our family and she wouldn't have ended up in prison and passed away like that."

"Come on, Holley! It's just you and me here, so you can stop acting," Donna said. "I wouldn't have brought this up if I didn't have proof. So, don't waste any time trying to defend yourself."

Donna felt pretty good as she watched Holley's face turn dark with fury. She had tried so many ways to put her son's girlfriend down. And it was the first time that she had gotten the upper hand on her.

"You chose George for his money. You thought that he could help you take revenge. It's fine that George wants to marry you and I will not stop you from doing so. But I will fire him the day you get married. You are a smart girl, so you should know what that means. George will have nothing once he leaves BM Corporation. But if you really love him, well...If you really love him, you wouldn't mind even if he becomes penniless, right?"

With a taunting laugh, she continued, "You will get nothing if you marry my son. If you don't believe

tions here," Holley said with a shrug. "I am a girl without any background. I have to do this to guarantee my life after I leave George. Besides, I think it's a profitable business for you."

She sneered and continued, "You didn't tell George about my past because you didn't want to see him suffer. Otherwise you wouldn't be here, wasting your time negotiating with me. Am I right?"

"You got me," Donna accepted with a disdainful smile.

She frowned and asked, "Will you really leave George if I accept your conditions?"

"Yes, I will," Holley nodded. "I will break up with your baby boy gently. I will not say anything to upset him. You have my word."

"Okay, it's a deal," Donna agreed. She didn't care about the money or the company as long as Holley left her son alone. As far as she was concerened, George was far more important. Besides, fifty million and a branch office was not a big deal for her.

"Remember your promise," Donna said nonchalantly. "I hope you will not back out once I've prepared the check and the contract."

"Don't worry. I will keep my word," Holley assured her, with a sneer. George was a nice man and he had treated her well. But she didn't want to miss the chance to get this hefty sum and the company's ownership. So, she decided to let him go.

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