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   Chapter 1002 Threw Off The Mask

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"Don't you ever try to sabotage my relationship with Holley! We are deeply in love with each other. Nothing can separate us." Although George sat down beside her, he was still restless. He sneered at Donna in front of him, "No matter what conditions you offer, I will not leave Holley."

"Really?" Donna smirked. Glancing at Holley, she then queried in a dubious tone, "I wonder if Miss Ye is interested in having some small talk with me alone?"

"No, Holley!" George cried out instinctively. He adamantly opposed Donna's suggestion, thinking she might come up with some cunning scheme again that would force them apart. He could not let it happen, so he blurted out, "I won't give you that chance."

"You don't have to worry. It's merely some small talk, nothing else. Don't make a fuss of it," Donna countered. "However, I think..." She paused deliberately. "Maybe there is something Miss Ye doesn't want you to know." She then sneered and purposely asked Holley, "Miss Ye, am I right?"

Donna seemed to know some little secrets about Holley as there were some underlying meanings in her words. She prodded, "By the way, do you know a girl named Yvonne Gu? Does the name sound familiar to you?"

The moment Holley heard the name, her demeanor changed drastically. She appeared to have underestimated Donna's capability and didn't expect her to find out about it.

Ferry previously had mentioned this to her and confirmed that he had destroyed all the clues leading to Yvonne Gu, unless Donna had joined hands with Sheryl. She shuddered at the thought of the two who had associated with each other against her.

Realizing this, Holley looked viciously at Donna. As she was fuming with anger, the blue veins on her forehead bulged visibly. She felt like Donna was grabbing her by the throat as if trying to suffocate her.

"What nonsense are you talking about?" inquired George, looking curious at his mother. He frowned slightly and stressed, "What's the matter that you can't talk about it in front of me? I am not an outsider."

"George, why not give them some space?" Sula cut in. Casting him an ambiguous glance, she suggested, "I think, Aunt Donna... must have something to speak with Miss Ye. We'd better leave them alone."

"You shut up! Don't tell me what to do!" George fumed. "You are a cheater. You lied to me. I shouldn't have trusted you. Don't talk to me anymore!" he continued to rage at Sula.

"George, how can you say that..." Sula started to sob as George harshly accused and insulted her.

"George, watch your words. Don't be so rude to Sula," Donna intervened, reprimanding him. She was quite displeased with his son's attitude towards Sula. "Sula is a girl anyway. You can't t

want you to understand that I do love you. You are the only woman I love and there will be no one else. If my mother tells you something ridiculous later, don't take it seriously. I will be here with you no matter what happens. Do you know that?"

Holley turned her head away refusing to look at him. George, who felt dejected, made his way out of the room. On his way to the door, he tossed a glance at her and said in a voice soft with affection, "Holley, I will wait for you outside." Receiving no answer, he left feeling more disheartened.

The moment George closed the door behind him, he felt empty in his heart. He stood there looking transfixed at the vacant and long corridor. He let out a sigh and was deeply agitated with the thought that everything happened because of Sula.

She cheated on him. She had promised to offer help, but in fact, she lied to him from the very beginning. The more he thought about it, the angrier he became. He then decided to go to Qings Bar and find her.

As soon as George was gone, Holley stopped being polite. She regarded Donna with cold eyes and exclaimed, "You are really something. I have to admit that I begin to admire you for your cattiness."

"You are not bad either," countered Donna. She meant her words. Holley was more difficult to deal with than she could ever imagined.

"Now there is nobody else here, only you and me in this room. So there is no need to put on the show anymore. Cut to the chase, what exactly do you want?" Holley demanded. She didn't want to fritter more of her time away on this, so she bluntly implied, "I know you are the one who arranged the so-called affair between George and Sula. Am I right? I have never thought that you would plot against your son. You even set him up. It is absolutely beyond my expectations."

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