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   Chapter 1001 Negotiation

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George let out a cold laugh and said to Sula, "Yes, people do change. But I have never seen anyone who could change so quickly until today."

He took Holley's hand and stood up. "Holley, let's go. There is no need for us to waste our time here," he said.

George was really pissed off this time. He had come here to talk decently with his mother. And unexpectedly, Donna was more discontented with them than she was before. Was there any more reason for them to stay and be humiliated?

An imperceptible cold smile flickered on Holley's face as she looked at George's angry face.

It had been worth it for her to arrange this dinner at length.

Her aim was to have George realize that it was not Holley who was unwilling to get along with Donna, but the other way around. Her plan had been a success so far. They had all fallen in her well set trap.

As George held her hand tightly, she was deeply satisfied with the outcome. But she pretended to be upset and said in a pleading tone, "George, please don't."

"Do you still want to stay here?" Unexpectedly, George sneered at her. "Look at her attitude towards you. Do you really think that she is willing to forgive you even if you beg her to?

Holley, it's my fault. I shouldn't have brought you here. I shouldn't have asked you to get along with her either. From now on, what goes on between us will have nothing to do with her. We will live our lives in our own terms and do whatever we choose to do."

George turned to leave and a smug satisfactory smile flashed on Holley's face because she thought that she had succeeded in creating a rift between them. But Donna jumped to her feet and spoke to Holley. "Miss Ye, if I were you, I would take a seat and make a deal right now. Do you think that you would get what you want by leaving here with George?"

"Stop trying to separate us, Mother. It's not going to happen," Georg

derstand if you just talk to her."

"Holley, you..." George stared at the woman in front of him and he had a feeling that it wasn't the Holley he knew.

"Don't look at me like that," she said, forcing a smile. "This is for our future and for the future of our children."

"Have you two made a decision yet?" Donna asked, wīth a wicked smile. "Are you leaving or are you sitting down for a talk?"

Angry and resentful as she was, Holley was out of other options at this point. She had never imagined in her worst dreams that Donna would be evil enough to disown her own son.

George was her only kid, after all. She was a cold woman.

She looked at Donna unwillingly and said, "Aunt Donna, even if you don't like me, you should not use such tactics to deal with George. He is your own son."

"Yes, he is." Donna glared at her. "But if he insists on being with you, then I will assume that I never had a son to begin with," she said bitterly.

"You..." Holley shook in anger. She dragged George back and made him sit down. She growled at Donna in a low voice, "Go ahead, tell me. What in the world do you want me to do?"

"I will ask you the same question." Donna glowered at Holley and continued, "What do I have to do to make you leave my son?"

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