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   Chapter 1000 The Meal (Part Three)

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"I promised you that I will do whatever you say as long as it is within my capacity. But Aunt Donna, if what you want is for me to leave George, then I will have to politely refuse." Holley stared into Donna's eyes fearlessly and stayed awefully calm in the tensed room.

"Hmph!" Donna scoffed. She smiled sarcastically and said in an ironic tone, "I know that you won't let go of my son that easily."

After watching Donna look down on Holley, George couldn't stay silent anymore. He finally said in a serious tone, "Mom, Holley is my fiancee. I wish you would show her some respect."

Holley reached out to touch his hand and shook her head, asking him to stop. She forced a half smile and reassured him, "It doesn't matter, George. We came here today to solve our problems. So I don't mind her attitude towards me."

Her kind words melted away George's anger. Satisfied with his reaction, she turned around to face Donna. "Aunt Donna, you are his mother. So it's understandable that you are being protective of your son. But my relationship with George is our business. We can't break our lives apart just because of some disagreements between us."

Holley put on a soft smile. "I invite you to dinner today because I want to apologize to you. After all, we will soon be a family. I don't want to see George fall into a dilemma because of the issues between you and me.

I don't care how much you humiliate me, but I will not give up on my love for George," Holley stood erect and said in an aggressive voice.

"Stop dreaming!" Donna growled. She was now seething in anger. "You insulted me in front of my staff. And now, you want me to forgive you. Did you really think that a simple apology would suffice to win me over?"

"I..." Holley was dumbfounded by her sudden question. She tried to explain, "Aunt Donna, I recognize that I made a grave mistake. I lost my temper and I said something out of line. But I...I was having a difficult time yesterday. It was an extremely important day for me. I was in a bad mood all day. I apologize for my outburst. I forgot my place and I let you and the company down. I'm very sorry."

"No one cares about your personal problems and difficulties," Donna scoffed at her

e would take his side during the dinner. But now, she was siding with Donna and humiliating Holley. George was angrier than before.

Sula glimpsed at George and replied in a faint voice, "Mr. Han, there's no need for you to glare at me like that. There might be many people in the world who might want to deliberately cause you harm, but please bear in mind that your mother would never be one of them. You keep saying that you love Holley. But do you really know what kind of person she is? Do you even know how her mother died?"

Sula smiled sarcastically when she saw the expression on Holley's face change drastically. "If you don't know the answer to that question, you don't know much about the person you love. Don't you think it's ridiculous to marry someone you know nothing about?"

"I know what kind of person Holley is better than both of you," George said in an arrogant and angry voice. He glowered at Sula and said in a sombre tone, "But I'm not so sure about you anymore."

George kept his eyes fixed on Sula. But she was staring at a fixed point on the floor since his gaze was making her feel uneasy.

It was true that she had agreed to do him a favor. But now that she knew Holley's true colors, she couldn't stay silent. George's happiness was at stake and his life might be in danger too. She was in no position to keep her promise to him.

She raised her head to look at George and said in a faint voice, "People don't remain the same at all times."

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