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   Chapter 998 The Meal (Part One)

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Of course, Donna would go. Moreover, she was going to expose Holley's true colors.

"Great! Holley and I will be waiting for you." George hung up on a happy note and hurried to share the exciting news with Holley.

When Donna was back home that evening, she saw Sula packing her things. She panicked at the sight. She creased her eyebrows and rushed towards Sula, who hadn't noticed her presence yet. She grabbed Sula's hands tightly to stop her and asked, "Sula, what are you doing? Didn't you promise me that you would wait? Why are you...?"

"Aunt Donna, you are hurting me!" Sula said, gritting her teeth as she tried to shake off Donna's hands.

Donna let go of her immediately. She apologized, "Sula, I'm so sorry. I panicked when I saw you packing."

"It's fine," Sula replied briefly. She rubbed the back of her hand which was still hurting because of Donna's grasp. "Aunt Donna, the situation has become too awkward for George and me now. It's meaningless for me to stay here. I know that you want me to wait longer for the winds to change, but Aunt Donna, I can't do this anymore. Besides, my parents called. Apparently, they have arranged a blind date for me. I'm ready to go home after tonight's dinner."

Sula smiled bitterly and continued, "Aunt Donna, you can rest assured that I won't tell my parents about what has happened here. I should... I should stop this useless daydreaming and accept the reality."

George didn't like her and it was time for her to face that truth.

Donna shook her head. "Sula, listen to me..." She was anxious to tell her everything she had heard from Sheryl. However, she was interrupted by Sula's impatient voice.

"Aunt Donna, please save your efforts to persuade me. I have figured out where I stand in George's life. And I now know that I have no place in his heart." Sula sighed, "I have already booked my air ticket. I must leave tonight."

"Sula, just hear me out." Donna held her hand gently this time. "He

s. After a while, she returned in an elegant outfit and delicate make-up. Donna was already downstairs waiting for her. They were ready for the war against Holley Ye.

The restaurant which they were invited to was downtown. When Donna and Sula arrived, Holley was waiting for them in the VIP room.

When she saw them coming in, Holley smiled and rose to her feet to welcome them. She greeted them with a bright smile, "Auntie, Sula, you are here!"

Donna ignored her and took a seat sullenly, while Sula managed to produce a faint smile.

Holley wasn't embarrassed at all. She knew that Donna disliked her. So what? George was still going to marry her and Donna couldn't do anything about it. It was quite natural for her to be angry.

She was not displeased that Donna was mad at her. In fact, Holley was very happy that Donna was angry. It gave her a sense of victory.

"Where is George?" Sula asked, looking around for him.

"He went out to get some juice," Holley said, smiling. "He knew that you both like fresh juice, so he went to the fruit shop to buy some. He should be back soon."

Holley passed the menu to Donna and added, "Auntie, I have already ordered some dishes. Why don't you take a look at the menu and add some more dishes that you like? We'll start as soon as George gets back."

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