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   Chapter 997 The Story

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Looking at Sheryl's very determined expression, Donna frowned slightly, but finally she decided that she would believe her.

Sheryl took a drink of water and then said, "Actually, my name is not Sheryl Xia. My name is Autumn Zhao. And even three years ago, my name was Autumn Ye.

I have a half-sister called Yvonne Gu. She is the apple of my mother's and Uncle Simon's eye. When I was a child, I envied her very much. She could have all the delicious food and all the beautiful clothes she wanted, and whatever she did, my mother found no fault with her and never scolded her, even a bit." Despite the fact that she thought recalling her memories would make her sad, Sheryl felt calm and unaffected by telling Donna her story.

Because Charles was by her side now, her past didn't matter to her anymore.

"When I was twenty-four years old, Uncle Simon's company got into trouble, so he and my mother arranged for Yvonne to marry Charles. But Yvonne ran out on the wedding. My mother had no choice but to force me to marry Charles in her place. And I obeyed her." Sheryl paused for a little bit, then continued, "I didn't expect that Yvonne would regret what she did and she would try everything to take her identity back. Uncle Simon didn't agree with it, and he was eventually killed by Yvonne and my mother.

Sheryl didn't tell Donna all of the details, only the broad strokes of the story.

"The court sentenced my mother for shooting. As for Yvonne... As an accomplice, she was also sentenced to jail. But she disappeared from the prison inexplicably in less than a month. According to Charles' investigation, she fled to South Korea, and no one has seen her for three years." Sheryl took another drink of water and continued, "I thought I wouldn't see Yvonne again, but then a woman named Holley Ye came into my life. Even though her appearance and voice are not the same as Yvonne, she is also

han her son George. He wanted to invite her over for dinner.

Donna smirked and sneered silently to herself before asking, "Oh? Why do you suddenly want to invite me for dinner?"

There was a pause on the other line, then her son's voice, full of awkward and nervous energy, came to her ears, "Well, I wanted to tell you personally, but you didn't come to work so I couldn't. But I know that you and Holley had a misunderstanding yesterday. So I want just the two of you to have a meal together and explain the misunderstanding that you have."

Another pause, then George continued, "Holley also wanted a chance to apologize to you, since she realized that it was her fault."

"Would she have such awareness?" Donna asked with a sneer.

Donna's words upset George. "Mother, what do you mean?" he asked, and Donna could hear the frown in his voice. "Holley is really not who you think she is," he added.

"OK, stop talking." Donna really didn't want to hear her son explain for that vicious woman anymore. Donna sneered to herself. 'The person who really does not know Holley is you, stupid son.'

After a while, she heaved a sigh and nodded slowly, weighing her possibilities. Finally, she said into the phone, "Text me the time and place. I will be there."

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