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   Chapter 995 Instant Friends

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"Really?" Thanks to Sula's promise, George wore a relieved smile on his face. He was so ecstatic that—without thinking—he reached his hand out to hold Sula's, but she moved her hand away.

Sula glared coldly at George and said, "Mr. Han, no more favors. And please don't act like we're on good terms. We're done here. Have a nice life."

"Fine!" George replied without hesitation. Because what Sula said and did were out of anger, she hadn't thought that George would agree so quickly. She was breaking into pieces inside as she realized that her relationship with him was finally and completely over. Her heart was well and truly broken at the sight of his cheerful expression.

She asked herself, 'What's so special about Holley? Why has George fallen so deeply in love with her?'

George looked at Sula with an excited smile on his face and made a promise to her, "Don't worry. I'll return the favor. If you need a hand later, just hit me up and I'll help you."

"If there's nothing more, I'm gone." With those words ending the conversation, Sula turned to leave in quick and unsteady steps.

When she was facing away from George, Sula couldn't control herself anymore and finally burst into tears. She was dumped by George, which tore her heart to pieces.

After Sula was back home, Donna saw that the younger girl was really depressed. She asked what happened. Face wet with tears, Sula finally told Donna everything, which made the mother tremble in rage.

"Wow! He's really something else, isn't he? He didn't even ask my permission. I need to sort him out." Donna's voice was thick with fury. The woman pulled out her phone and was ready to call George, but Sula stopped her.

Sula stared at Donna helplessly and begged, "Aunt Donna, please stop. I don't want anything more to do with him."

A frown made its way onto Donna's face. She stared deeply at Sula, and then turned

an restaurant. After all, Donna was her guest, so she chose a decent place. At the restaurant, they walked into a compartment and took their seats. Then Sheryl said to Donna, "Ms. Han, this Korean restaurant is the most authentic one near our company. The food is delicious. You have to taste it to believe it."

"That is so kind of you, Miss Xia." Donna replied with a tender smile. The first time she met Sheryl, she liked her. Donna couldn't exactly put her finger on why, but Sheryl's personality was absolutely magnetic.

There were some people she liked when she met them. On the flipside, there were people she hated no matter how many times they saw each other.

After ordering, Sheryl poured Donna a glass of water and said, "Ms. Han, I…"

Donna interrupted Sheryl, wearing a gentle smile on her face. "Miss Xia, I'm older than you. If you don't mind, could you call me Aunt Donna? It's a bit weird being called Ms. Han."

"Fine." Sheryl smiled and said, "On one condition. Call me Sher."

"Sher." Donna said Sheryl's name and smiled at her. "It's a beautiful name."

"Aunt Donna…" Sheryl hesitated for a moment and finally spat it out. "You said you wanted to speak in private. Now it's just the two of us. So, what did you want to tell me?"

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