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   Chapter 990 Death Anniversary

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George stared blankly at Holley for a moment. He hadn't expected that she would blow up like that in front of his mother. He grabbed her arm and said, "Holley, that's enough! She's my mother. How could you speak to her like that?"

"Oh? Are you blaming me now?" Holley sneered. "I've told you already that I hate it when people intervene in my business. I don't need anybody telling me what to do. And that includes your mother. And rest assured that it's not going to go so easily if she pisses me off again."

Donna finally spoke, "So, are you saying that I'm not qualified to manage my own company?"

Holley looked at her and said very clearly, "Yes."

From her expression, George knew that Donna was incredibly angry.

He tried to talk to her, "Mom, don't be mad. Holley didn't mean that."

"Shut up!" Donna glowered at him. "Mind your own damned business."

George didn't want to anger his mother any further, but he had to protect Holley. "Mom, look, Holley is in charge of her department. Could you at least consult with her before taking decisions instead of commanding her?"

Donna threw a nasty glance at him and thought, 'Is this really my son?

As they say, grown girls can't be kept at home. But it's my son who's against me now. I have to think of a way to get my boy back. I can fire her. Everything's going to be okay if she leaves the company for good.'

She scowled at Holley, "With all due respect, Miss Ye, I have to say that you're not suitable for a job at my company.

I'm not tolerant enough to have someone who would disobey me deliberately on my payroll. You may go to the HR to collect your documents and your pay. I'll inform them to allocate extra three months' salary as compensation. This termination is very much under the norms of the labor law. Is everything clear, Miss Ye?"

George was alarmed by his mother's quick verdict. He said, "Mom, you can't do this to Holley! She didn't do anything wrong and she didn't mean to go against you. Why do you hav

t to the cemetery. It was Wendy's death anniversary that day. She was the only one whom Holley could trust and talk to. She had a lot of things to tell her. She was about to walk towards Wendy's grave when a man grabbed her hand and took her aside.

Holley was terrified. She turned around to see who it was and she couldn't believe her eyes when she saw his face.

She hadn't seen him since she had gone abroad three years ago, but he always haunted her in her dreams. Every time she woke up from the nightmare, she was drenched in cold sweat.

Holley stammered incoherently, "You... What are you doing here? How is this possible?"

Ferry looked at her shocked face. He gently touched her cheek and asked in a low voice, "Why do you wanna know? Did you miss me?

Wow, look at you. You're so different now. What did those Koreans do with your face? How did they make you so pretty, huh?"

Holley stood up trembling and asked, "What do you want?" She didn't want to go through those nightmares once again.

Ferry felt excitement soar through him when he saw her frightened eyes. He said, "Don't worry. You're useful to me now. I won't hurt you." He pointed towards Wendy's grave and said, "Look who's here."

Holley looked in the direction he pointed and saw someone standing in front of Wendy's tombstone. It was Sheryl.

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