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   Chapter 989 Dispute In The Meeting

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Donna was still oblivious about George's proposal to Holley. Sensing that Sula was all but ready to give up on George, she had spent quite some time talking to her last night. She persuaded the girl not to lose heart and promised that she would help bring George and her together.

Donna was ready to take some action to break the relationship between Holley and her son.

She woke up early in the morning, put on her best business suit and wore delicate make-up before making a beeline for BM Corporation.

George and Holley were in the middle of a meeting with the shareholders of the company when Donna barged into the conference room to everyone's immense surprise.

Since those present were top management staff, most of them knew Donna. They smiled at her politely to show their respect because they knew that she was the individual who was really in charge of the company.

However, George and Holley knitted their brows at her intrusion.

Standing up, George frowned at his mother and said acidly, "What are you doing here, Mom? We are in a meeting. If you have something important to tell me, please wait in my office."

He was anxious for his mother to leave since he thought that she had come to talk to him about Sula.

Donna sneered and said to George, "I have nothing personal to say to you. I have come here to know how the company is doing."

"Knock it off, Mom. I am serious," George retorted. He was getting frustrated by her presence.

Oblivious to his words, Donna sat down in George's seat. With a resigned look, he pulled up another chair and sat next to his mother.

Donna glanced around at the shareholders who were present and said, "Please, carry on with the meeting. From today, I will be present at the office. We will be meeting frequently. So you don't have to be overcautious around me."

George suddenly felt a rush of relief wash over him. He recalled that Donna had mentioned this to him. Bu

Donna snorted at her son's disgraceful behavior as she said coldly, "Let her be, George. I'd like to hear what she has to say."

"Holley, please don't do this," George pleaded, looking sideways at the other members present in the hall. They were very intently listening to the banter. He tried to pull her back again. 'We're going to be married and we will be a family soon. I can't watch her fighting with my mother. We will be a laughingstock in the society.'

"Let me go!" Holley shouted at George as she shook his hand off. "I need to make my stand clear to her once and for all."

With stern eyes, she turned to face Donna and sneered, "I admit that the company is yours. But George and I started this branch and we have done so much for its growth. I don't care that you meddle with you son's matters because you have the right to do so. But you can't intervene in my business."

When Donna didn't respond, she continued with a tone laced in cold warning, "Remember that I initiated this department and I take care of everything that goes on in there. It's my call whether Susan stays or leaves. You have no right to get involved. I hope you understand. Am I making this clear to you?

It's true that you are my boss. But I am telling you that you have no say in my department."

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