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   Chapter 984 Bidding

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Even Sheryl, who was not much keen on jewelry, gazed at it in astonishment.

"Do you like it?" asked Charles, noticing that Sheryl couldn't take her eyes off the jewelry.

Sheryl smiled lightly. "Not really. It's just that it looks kind of gorgeous."

Cary smiled and went on, "This jewelry is from my private collection. Today, I have decided to auction it for the good cause. I believe you are aware of its value. The bid starts at ten million and we will raise it with the least amount of two million at a time. Let's begin!"

As soon as Cary announced the beginning of the bidding, Charles raised his card. "Fifteen million."

Charles hadn't bid for anything the whole night. Although he was very much willing to donate to the charity, he wasn't really intrigued by any of the previous items, but this one was different. Sheryl had obviously taken a liking to it and he wanted to give it to her. He even fancied how pretty she would look if she put it on.

"Charles! What are you doing? This is crazy!" Sheryl exclaimed in a low voice. She was utterly shocked by Charles' bid and tried to pull his hand down. She inquired, "That's a lot of money. Why are you bidding for the jewelry?"

Sheryl wasn't against donating the money to charity, but spending it on such a useless and extravagant object was a lame idea.

Charles could read her mind clearly. He patted Sheryl's hand to put her mind at ease. "Don't worry about the money. I can afford it. And since you like it, I will make sure that I win the bid."

"No! I don't really like it. I was just... I..." Sheryl stammered. She didn't want Charles to spend so much money in buying her some luxurious jewelry.

Seeing Charles' gushing demeanor towards Sheryl, Holley was filled with envy. She was jealous that Charles would waste so much cash only to make Sheryl happy. Despite the fact that she felt sulky, she turned her head to confront George who was sitting beside her and pulled his sleeve lightly. "George, I like it."

George looked at Holley, and realized at once what her actual goal was. He figured that Holley didn't need the jewelry, yet she simply wanted to contend with Sheryl. In any case, she had requested something and George couldn't just deny her.

And since he loved her, he wanted to do his best to fulfill her needs. Without any hesitation, he raised the card and stated, "Twenty million."

Charles showed no surprise and raised the price to thirty million. George followed with a forty million bid and

dn't control her rage anymore. "It's just some jewelry today. What about tomorrow? If she keeps doing this to me, what will you do then? If she asks you to be with Sula, will you comply with her request?"

"What nonsense are you talking? You are not making any sense." George knitted his eyebrows in frustration and said, "I really don't understand why you always have to think so badly of others. My mother surely didn't mean to hurt you. Besides, it's just a diamond! What in the world makes you think that she tried to humiliate you with it? That's totally absurd. Why do you bear this grudge against my mother? Why?"

"It's not about the diamond! For me, it's..." Holley paused and sneered. After a while, she sighed and said, "Forget it, you wouldn't understand my feelings. I am tired. I just want to get some rest."

Holley didn't want to waste her time explaining her emotions to George. She knew perfectly well that Donna had done it deliberately and she would get her back, no matter what it took. She made up her mind that she would not let anyone look down on her again and that she was not that easy to be struck down either.

That night, George was distressed because of his argument with Holley. He didn't go back home, but stayed at a hotel for the night. When he woke up the next day, he received a phone call from his mother, asking him to come back home for dinner after he was done with work.

Originally, he had calmed down after being alone for the night and had planned to have a proper talk with Holley, but after considering it once again, he felt that he could not indulge Holley at the moment and decided not to tell her anything.

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