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   Chapter 982 A Charity Dinner (Part Three)

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When Susan and Sheryl were talking, the host walked to the stage and announced the opening of the charity dinner. "Dear distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, welcome! It's a great honor to have you all here tonight. Now please allow me to announce the start of this charity dinner initiated by Skyline Property."

His opening remarks were met with thunderous applause. The host continued, "Let's invite the President of Skyline Property, Mr. Cary Su to say a few words on this special occasion. Welcome, Mr. Su!"

Cary swiftly walked onstage amidst a huge applause and some inspirational music. When Susan saw the radiant and graceful Cary on the stage, her expression changed a little.

"Dear distinguished guests," Cary started, "thank you so much for attending this charity auction tonight. It's such a great honor for me to see you all here! Tonight, we'll introduce you to some great artistic works, including calligraphy Chrysanthemum by the famous calligrapher, Mr. Manuel Xie, the painting Returning Home by national-level artist Mr. Quinton Shen, the final work of Miss Paulina Chen and many others by talented artists. Let's give a round of applause to the good-will providers of the auction items and all the guests present tonight! Thank you!"

Cary paused and waited for the applause to die down. Then he continued, "We will be presenting ten art collections and five other items. All the proceeds from the auction will be donated to Hope Primary Schools."

When he finished, the audience cheered him once again. Each item in the auction was invaluable, and Cary was able to bring in so many of them here tonight. The auction was meant to help people and every penny earned would go straight to the charity fund. This was not just a show to promote his real estate business.

Susan, who stood by Sheryl, was pretty surprised by Cary's behavior. She mumbled, "I didn't think Cary was such a philanthropist."

Sheryl was amused by her words. She said in a calm tone, "There is so much that you don't know about."

Susan didn't answer her, but stared at Cary quietly. She felt something changing within her. Cary had become much more charming in her heart.

"Since you have all contributed handsomely in this auction, I want to make a small contribution as well. I am donating a vill

man the first day I met you. And how right I was! You are more successful than I had expected."

"That's very kind of you, Aunt Donna. I'm flattered. But George is much more successful than I am. His business is growing even as we speak. And now, he has a branch in Y City as well," Cary said, with a genuine smile.

"Oh please! I don't even want to be reminded of him!" Donna felt her head ache when she thought about George. She couldn't help but throw a glance at Holley who was not too far away from them. She fretted and her disapproval was evident on her face. When she turned her glance away from Holley, she noticed Susan. "And this is...?"

Cary smiled and took Susan's hand in his. He said, "Aunt Donna, meet my fiance, Susan."

"Your fiance?" Donna was taken aback. She hadn't received any news about Cary's engagement. "Well, congratulations, Groom-to-be! This is such great news and she is gorgeous. She is the daughter of...?"

Embarrassment flashed across Susan's face when she heard Donna's question. She opened her mouth to tell Donna that she was born in an ordinary family, but Cary beat her to it. With her hand tightly held in his, he said, "Susan was born in an ordinary family. Her father is a teacher."

"Oh...I see." Donna was lost for words. She was surprised, unsure how to react. Never had she expected that Cary would choose to marry a girl who didn't match his family background and status. She smiled awkwardly and tried her best to pay a decent compliment. "Well, that's good! A scholarly family!"

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