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   Chapter 980 A Charity Dinner (Part One)

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"You will know once it happens," Sheryl said to Holley without any emotions in her voice.

After completing her words, she turned around and left immediately. Holley stared angrily at her direction like she wanted Sheryl dead right now.

'Why can she get whatever she wants so easily? No matter how hard I try, I am always the loser against her!' Holley's evil thoughts echoed in her head.

'It would be Wendy's death anniversary in a few days. I once swore before her tombstone that I would make Sheryl pay for what she did before that day. However, it seems to be unlikely to happen now.' Holley seemed to be spacing out as she remained looking at Sheryl.

Then she thought, 'No, I can't give up so easily!'

She was still in the middle of her thoughts when something caught her attention from the crowd of that auction party. It was Donna and Sula together.

George started walking to the two at once to welcome them. He was a little surprised to see the two women at such an event. "Mother, I didn't expect you to come here."

"We arrived a little while ago," Donna laughed and said to George.

Then she glanced at Holley shortly before looking away. She was acting as if she didn't even notice Holley standing next to her son. She just witnessed the quarrel between Holley and Sheryl and found it was interesting.

Although Donna didn't know what was wrong between Holley and Sheryl, she was sure that they knew each other before and didn't get along very well. 'Maybe Sheryl can be one of my allies to get this bitch away from my son.'

On the other hand, it was obvious that Holley wasn't pleased to see Donna either. However, she could not do much when they were surrounded by many people. She was left with no choice but to walk towards the aged woman and greet her with respect.

As expected, Donna did not respond to her at all. Seeing this made George confused. Thus, he said to Donna, "Mother, when did you..."

'When did she know Cary? What is she doing in this auction?' he thought to himself.

Watching how confused George was, Donna laughed and said, "Have you forgotten that BM Corporation is also doing business with Cary's company? Besides, he's your classmate in college. That's actually why he sent me an invitation upon finding out that I'm in the city. What's so surprising about that?"

Holley couldn't bear to stay here and talk with Donna for one more second. Thus, s

ven try to lie to me," Holley sneered. "If you didn't tell Cary, how could he invite your mother? Don't make me a fool! I'm not that innocent to be tricked and I know exactly what you are thinking about."

Holley kept saying with a smirk on her face. She didn't know why but when she saw Donna, she felt so uncomfortable like she couldn't even bear to stay in that auction anymore.

George also smirked, "You must be insane. There's no reason for you to think about it like that."

He then looked at Holley with displeasure. "You should take some time to calm down."

Then, he left Holley there and walked away without any ado. He couldn't understand why Holley had changed so much after she came back to Y City. However, he knew that there was nothing to say to her at that moment.

'Was it because Holley was too good at faking? Or was it because I was so blind that I couldn't see who she really is?' George asked himself.

"I don't know," he responded to his own thoughts. After finishing some bottles of wine alone, he noticed Susan walking in through the door.

Susan was in a pink chiffon dress. It was a strapless dress which exposed her beautiful shoulders and neck. She also got an adorable bow around her slim waist and some elegant lace decorating the hem of her dress.

Her aristocratic eyebrows and long eyelashes made her shine in the crowd. Her eyes were shining like an adorable deer who was curious and frightened among strangers. She was looking for someone in the hall, someone she knew. And after she found the one—Sheryl, she finally felt safe and stopped being so afraid.

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