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   Chapter 977 A Conversation Between Father And Daughter

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"I will always be honest with you. Please Trust me." Roger smiled bitterly and gazed at the exasperated look on Helin's face. He continued, "Helin, I know I shouldn't do like this, but..." Saying this, he hesitated for a while and then went on, "I am doing this only for your own good. Do you understand me?" Helin stared at him with her mouth wide open trying to understand Roger's stance behind such an action.

After he finished speaking, he stared at Helin, waiting to see her reaction.

"Are you saying that you are doing this for me?" Helin said. She mustered some strength to come out of the state of shock. She gazed straight into Roger's eyes and paused for a while. Then she said, "Don't talk nonsense to me. First, you lied to me and even blackmailed my Dad. And now you told me that you are doing this for me. Do you think I will believe in what you said?"

Roger's face broke into a sardonic smile as he said, "I know you would not trust me." He looked back into Helin's eyes trying to look sincere and continued, "But this is the fact. I am doing this so that I can be with you forever."

Helin remained stern and unmoved by his word as she had decided not to trust him anymore.

Helin had already started considering Roger as an unreliable man and she could not find a reason for believing in what he said.

However, Roger did not want to give up so easily. Looking into Helin's eyes, Roger said again, "Helin, I am sure even you are aware of the fact that your dad doesn't want you to be with me. But do you know why he is against the two of us being together?"

"Why?" Helin asked creasing her brows. She explored all possible reasons inside her head to justify the accusation that Roger had put on Heron. Honestly, she could not come to a conclusion.

"It is just because I am not brilliant enough," Roger sneered impatiently. He rasped and paused for a while before starting again, "I am just a mere actor in this company. And no matter how hard I try and how much effort I make, I cannot change the fact. But you are different. The company that I work for is your family property. Even if you quit your present job as an actor, it will hardly make any difference in your affluent lifestyle."

"So what?" asked Helin as she laughed scornfully. She glared at Roger and then said in a sarcastic tone, "No one can choose his or her own background and this cannot be the reason for you to do that. You can't convince me with such an excuse." Helin fixed her stare on Roger demanding a reply from him.

Roger screwed his eyes to suppress his frustration and then forced a faint smile. "Please let me finish my sentence first. Helin, calm down!" "It is really easy for you to call it as an absurd excuse. But if you look at it from my position, the difference between us in our family background is a gap I can never overcome. Helin, I know it does not matter to you but I have to map a huge height to come up to the level to make myself truly eligible for you. Only then, people won't think I need to live off a woman."

As he finished his sentence, Roger looked into Helin's eyes and added in a sincere tone, "Helin, I am a man. I also need to preserve my self-esteem. Can you understand me now?"


graceless man.

It sounded so absurd, but fortunately, her eyes opened at the right time.

Every time when Helin recalled how much she had attached herself emotionally with this unworthy man, she felt like she was a fool. How could she not see the truth behind his contriving ways? She could not stop blaming herself.

Helin walked out of the company and headed straight towards home. She locked herself in her room and refused to meet anyone or even eat anything. She needed some time for herself. Seeing this, the housemaid got very anxious. She rushed to Heron as he returned and said anxiously, "Sir, thank goodness! You are finally back.

Your daughter locked herself in her room for the whole day without eating anything. She is reluctant to give me a response. I am afraid something would happen to her if she stays locked in the room alone."

"Don't worry. I will handle this. Go back to your work," replied Heron in a casual tone. He knew that Helin must be frustrated at the moment since she suffered a psychological blow.

Heron also understood that Helin must be finding it difficult to cope up with it. However, he had faith in his daughter who would never do silly things.

At the thought of this, Heron stepped up and knocked the door gently. "Helin, I am back. Open the door." His heart started pounding as he heard no noise from the room. He knocked again hoping to get a response from Helin.

After a few seconds, Helin's footsteps could be heard. She opened the door and then she walked back to her bed and lied down silently.

Looking around the room, Heron's eye went wide as he was completely appalled by the sight of the room.

Each and everything in the room was broken into pieces. The curtains were drawn blocking the lights to enter the room. The room was in a complete mess. As Heron roved his eyes around the room and looked at Helin who was lying on the bed shattered, he felt sorry for his daughter. Helin had been in love with Roger for so many years and she was devoured on him, but now she found that he was a liar. It was natural for her to vent out her frustration in a rather excruciating manner.

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