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   Chapter 976 Listen To My Explanation

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"You..." It never occurred to Heron that Roger could be so shameless like this. He scoffed and then said to Roger, "Okay, let's be frank and let's make a deal."

Roger let out a cold bark of laughter and said to Heron, "The scandal between me and Helin is spreading right now. Helin's fame would be ruined if I don't clear it up. After all, she's girl. I believe that's not what you want to see, right?"

"So what do you want to do?" Heron asked, his eyebrows furrowed.

"Well, it's simple. I will hold a press conference to clarify that Helin and I were in a relationship. But then I felt I didn't deserve Helin so I broke up with her. Unexpectedly, she is still in love with me. That's why this happened. I will tell the reporters that she and I have made a deal. We are still friends and will continue to be friends in the future." Roger smiled and then continued, "Does it sound good to you? If I don't do it, it's hard for you to marry her into a good family with such a bad reputation."

"Are you threatening me?" Heron snapped.

"Why did you say that?" Roger asked. He smiled evilly and said to Heron, "I'm negotiating terms with you. This is a win-win situation for us. How could it be a threat?"

"So what about your terms?" Heron asked. Heron knew not to expect Roger not to make high demands. From his dealings with his employee before, he was watching him do a lot of things that pointed to the contrary. Still, he was curious to see just how big Roger's appetite and hunger for chaos was.

At Heron's question, Roger gained a boost of confidence. He thought himself to be the winner of the negotiation. He laughed out loud and then smirked at his boss. "Simple. I want 10 percent of the company's shares. Moreover, you must inform me if there are any good resources; you are to only give it to other people under my orders and permission to do so. Do I make myself clear?"

"Is that what you want? You have a large appetite."

Heron snorted, a sardonic laugh escape through his nose.

"I'm trying to save you and your daughter's fame," Roger told him wi

ow what you have to say."

"Helin..." Heron said, suddenly coming up besides her. He was afraid that if given the chance to talk and explain himself, Roger would talk Helin back into his arms. Roger was very charismatic, after all, and charming and talkative; he wouldn't relent easily.

"Dad, don't worry. It's okay," Helin told her father with a smile.

Heron smiled, relieved to hear her speak those words.

He could tell that finally, Helin had found out the truth about Roger and wouldn't be easily tricked by him any longer.

Roger glanced at Heron, frowning. Then he pulled Helin aside and said to her, "Helin, things are not what you think...I have unspeakable sorrow which I cannot tell you about right now."

"But I'm waiting for you to tell me right now," Helin replied coldly.

Slowly, Roger's expression shifted to match the coldness of her voice. He realized that this was his final chance to have his grasp on her; he had to seize it.

"Helin, I admit that I want to obtain more business opportunities and shares of the company. I won't deny that." Roger forced a smile at Helen.

"Really?" Helin smiled reluctantly. Looking at Roger, she felt a strange sensation that she couldn't easily explain. Was he still the one she had been in love for years?

Finally, she let out a cold laugh. "I didn't expect you to be so honest with me," she told him.

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