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   Chapter 975 Negotiation

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"Shut up!" Heron flared, mad that he couldn't change Helin's mind. Looking at his daughter, he couldn't help but sneer. He said sternly, "So, do you still believe that man is a good guy? I am your father. Do you think I will hurt you?"

Helin remained silent, which only could mean that her answer was a "yes".

Heron frowned and then gave her a sardonic smile. "Good. I will let you see the true colors of the man you fancy so much," he continued.

He grabbed her wrist and urged, "Go with me. Don't you want to know what kind of person he is? I will let you know whether Roger deserves you doing so much for him."

With a look of alarm at her father, Helin gave a yelp of surprise. "Where are we going?" she asked, her voice full of shock.

"Don't you want to marry Roger?" Heron snorted and sneered again, "I will take you to him. You'll know his true feelings for you."

He led Helin into his office and opened the door to the lounge. Gruffly, he told her, "stay here. Roger will be here soon."

Heron was so used to taking little naps there in the lounge that he couldn't have imagiend that it would serve multiple purposes, including being where he would show his daughter what kind of man Roger was.

Helin stared at him. "What are you doing?" she asked him impatiently.

Heron just scoffed, "You will know."

Then he left, slamming the door shut behind him. Once he was gone, Helin threw herself on the bed and closed her eyes. Her head was still dizzy and buzzing from having drunk too much the night before, and it only worsened after a short rest.

A few minutes later, she heard some noises outside the room. When she recognized Roger's voice, she hurried to the door and pressed her ear up against it.

Thankfully her father's office had no soundproof mechanics, so s

from the beginning,' she thought.

She wanted to rush out of the lounge into the other room. She wanted to ask Roger if he meant what he was saying. But ultimately, she controlled her emotions and collected herself. She was dying to know more.

Heron glanced at the door his daughter was behind, afraid that she would act rashly and barge out. She didn't. Heaving an inward sigh of relief, he looked back at Roger. "Do you really have no feelings for Helin? She loves you so much. Don't you feel guilty towards her?"

"She is too naive," Roger snapped back. "Mr. He, you are an excellent businessman. But unfortunately you are not a good father. You should have taught her not to trust others so easily. If she continues to be like this, she will get herself into bigger trouble."

Heron fixed Roger with a scornful look and sneered, "So you don't like Helin at all, right?"

"That is right," Roger affirmed Heron without hesitation "I knew she was enamored by me, so I pretended to like her. I did all of this so that I can negotiate with you. Looks like all my efforts are not in vain. I know you dote on your daughter very much. You would make certain compromise for her sake, wouldn't you?"

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